Where is Xur’s location for April 8

We look ahead once again to find out where Xur s location is on Friday April 8, 2016. As usual, Xur will be hiding in the Tower or Reef with a new inventory to buy compared to last week. If you need a reminder on what was sold, Xur s April Fools appearance was disappointing to say the least. He didn t have a weapon and was only selling the Taikonaut, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps and the Apotheosis Veil. Hopefully Xur will have a better showing on Friday and we can remind you of the new times for Xur due to clocks changing in the UK and the US.

Where Is Xur’s Location For April 8

Xur will appear at 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern due to DST and now 10am in the UK with the changeover to BST.

Let us know if you are still actively playing Destiny, or if you agree that now is the right time for a Destiny 2 announcement how can Bungie improve on Xur for the next game, assuming that Xur will return?

Come back at the times above on Friday and we ll update this with what Xur is selling for April 8 and where his live location is for the weekend.

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