Contented Infant Natural Sea Sponges 2 Pack: For Newborn, Baby & Toddler Bath; Gentle Hypoallergenic Baby Shower Spa Care Gift Set – Bonus Price

Contented Infant Natural Sea Sponges 2 Pack: For Newborn, Baby & Toddler Bath; Gentle Hypoallergenic Baby Shower Spa Care Gift Set

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR BABIES & NOT TOO SMALL FOR ADULT HANDS: Specially chosen so that they are large enough for adults to hold comfortably but still perfectly sized for babies. Highly practical with the larger sponge (4″-5″) for general bathing and the mini sponge (1.5″-2″) to clean the smaller more delicate areas.
  • SUPER GENTLE: Soft, hypo-allergenic, absorbent when fully saturated, these sponges produce a rich lather. A sponge that is too soft may require greater pressure to clean, while one that is too coarse may be uncomfortable on a baby’s skin. Contented Infant’s sponges strike a careful balance between softness with adequate texture for a good all round wash.
  • 100% NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: These are quality sea sponges with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Responsibly harvested from renewable resources. We respect the environment!
  • PRACTICAL TO USE: The sponges are provided in an attractive breathable drawstring bag which can be hung in a convenient place when the sponges have dried. You can also take these with you wherever you go: these sponges can be easily carried with other essential baby items and fit in most diaper bags.
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Beautifully packaged in a breathable drawstring storage bag, this is a perfectly practical and thoughtful new baby present or baby shower gift. We fully stand behind our motto of “Only the best will do”!


Need a bath product that is less likely to irritate your baby’s skin?
Want something softer than traditional washcloths?
Want a sponge that is not too small, but still sized for baby?
Looking for a beautifully packaged gift?


Best for Baby
A mini sponge for delicate areas & a larger sponge for general bathing
Hypoallergenic, bio-degradable & naturally sourced
A healthy alternative way to wash your baby
Hard when dry, these premium sponges are lovely & soft when wet
Natural sea sponges do not harbour bacteria like its synthetic counterpart

Easy & Practical
Its absorbency removes the need to rinse with a cup
Not too small: these sponges fit perfectly in adult hands
Babies love the look & feel of our sponges plus all the bubbles & water that they can hold!
Easy to store: The breathable bag can be hung from a suction cup (not included); sponges should be fully dried before storing
Practical: Use them at home or when out and about; the sponges come in their own handy drawstring pouch

A Perfect Gift
Great for birthdays, new baby & baby showers
Beautifully packaged
A thoughtful, useful & quality gift

Want More Value?
This 2 Piece Sponge Set makes a great starter or travel pack
For even more value, when not try Contented Infant’s popular 4 Pack Natural Sea Sponges for Babies?

100% 30 Day Guarantee!

ORDER NOW before we’re out of stock!

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