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SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone (with Power Supply Version) – Offer

SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone (with Power Supply Version)
The SoundStation IP 7000 is the new solution for the IP Audio Conference on targata Polycom, leader of the Sector of telephony.
E ‘can connect to your internal IP PBX the SoundStation IP 7000, as if it were a normal telephone, and have an ideal apparatus for the large and medium sized meeting rooms.
Thanks to its three built-in sectoral microphones, the SoundStation IP 7000 manages to cover an area from the range of 6 meters, ensuring maximum voice quality in both listening transmission.
In addition, thanks to the HD Voice technology, it is possible to obtain unparalleled communications with a voice quality on the market.
And ‘possible food the SoundStation IP 7000 via Power-over-Ethernet or mains (Power Supply Included).
Polycom HD Voice technology for high-fidelity calls (up to 22 kHz)
Microphones with range of up to 6 meters
Power supply via PoE or mains (Power Supply Included)
Compatibility with all major units on base IP, Compatible with standard SIP
High resolution display with micro-browser XHTML, to ensure compatibility with all the XML business applications
Note: The power supply is included in the package. It is possibly possible buy the version without power supply.

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