Cheap Dell D430 2GB Notebook / CM© Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium & Intel Core 2 Duo ✔Fast Postage ✔Fast Processor ✔Wifi ✔Warranty ✔Office – Cheap

Cheap Dell D430 2GB Notebook / CM© Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium & Intel Core 2 Duo ✔Fast Postage ✔Fast Processor ✔Wifi ✔Warranty ✔Office

The Dell D430 is a relatively new netbook that we have refurbished to a high standard! We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the condition of this laptop and it would also make a perfect gift for a loved one. However they can show signs of usage and might show slight wear and tear or minor scratches. But will definitely not have any significant marks, screen damage or dents.

The Dell D430 is a superb lightweight cheap netbook from Dell which we have cleaned, tested and fully refurbished. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home and is ready to use as soon as you open the box.

With its Core 2 Duo processor, stylish design and wide slimline screen this laptop offers great value for money.

As well as being preloaded with Windows 7, we have also included Free Anti Virus software and also Open Office which is ideal for Word Processing, Spreadsheet and presentation programs ideal for business, school and university work!

Wifi means that you can gain access to the internet using your Broadband wireless network, you can also connect where you see the wi-fi spots around the country.

  • Low prices
  • Trusted seller
  • 3 Months RTB Warranty
  • Fast postage
  • Quality refurbished laptops
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2 Responses

  1. Kevin Kendall says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Cheap Dell D430 2GB Notebook / Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium & Intel Core 2 Duo ✔Fast Postage ✔Fast Processor ✔Wifi ✔Warranty ✔Office

    Nice laptop for simple home use. Well packaged and refurbished by the seller.

    The laptop arrived on time and was packaged in bubble wrap and then in a solid box. It is provided with a power lead which is unbranded.

    Booting into Windows takes around one minute and the machine has a basic anti-virus, Chrome and Open Office installed. During first use I had connected to the Wi-Fi and opened chrome and Open Office. There was some slight stutter before opening Chrome but I think this is an issue with Chrome.

    After some 15 minutes use on Twitter and having Open Office open the CPU was running at 74 degrees (100 being the max given by the manufacturer). The CPU usage was fluctuating around 40-50% and 1.5GB of the RAM was in use. (This machine has 1GB of non-removable RAM and 1GB of Removable. This is easily accessed through a panel on the bottom of the machine.)

    This machine may show signs of struggle if running a lot of apps at once, or running Chrome with an army of plugins. It was originally sold as a super portable machine and so focuses on low power components. Care should be taken not to overwhelm in with unnecessary software, bloatware or pictures of cats.

    Some notes on what to expect of this machine:
    – This was marketed as a portable laptop so hardware was focused on that and not being a powerhouse.
    – The battery holds good charge but this can always be extended through use of a power pack
    – This is an old machine. It should be used with care and if you find yourself hitting it and swearing at it when it won’t run all your games the fault is yours not the seller.
    – This would make a great machine for a student who needs it for online research and word processing (a bonus would be the user knowing the basics of how to maintain a machine)
    – The machine has been professionally refurbished. It is obvious that the machine has been well setup and physically cleaned. There are scuffs and signs of use.
    – This would make a great machine for running minimal systems on.

    I have since removed windows and installed a Linux OS. Linux runs great on it, the only issue is the Wireless card needs proprietary drivers installing. The card can be replaced if need be. There are resources online which help in both these endeavors. The wireless drivers require only a few lines in a terminal to sort out if you are okay with the drivers. Nothing too tragic.

    A note on the seller:

    They have done a fantastic job with these machines and I intend to buy at least two more for a family member and myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Cheap Dell D430 2GB Notebook / Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium & Intel Core 2 Duo ✔Fast Postage ✔Fast Processor ✔Wifi ✔Warranty ✔Office

    Bought this in 2015 – cheap functional – for traveling – dropped it on numerous occasions, spilt coffee on it, and just kept going. Keyboard is starting to play up after two years and a few months. Will buy another – great for basic word processing and internet use. Light so perfect for traveling.

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