VonShef Premium Electric Egg Boiler for 16 Eggs with Poacher/ Omelette Maker Bowl – Price Deal

VonShef Premium Electric Egg Boiler for 16 Eggs with Poacher/ Omelette Maker Bowl

Step away from the hob and cook eggs to perfection with VonShef 16 Egg Boiler instead.

Hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, in an omelette; however you like your eggs, this must-have appliance has it covered.

Designed with the egg lover in mind, the versatile VonShef Egg Boiler comes with two shelves with room to cook up to 16 eggs at once. Great for cooking large breakfasts or meals for all the family. If you prefer, you can remove one of the shelves to turn the appliance into a one tier egg boiler with an eight egg capacity.

Fancy a change from boiled? Use the bowl provided to create perfectly poached eggs and scrumptious omelettes in an instant.

The Egg Boiler automatically cooks your eggs just how you like them according to the amount of water used – guidelines and a measuring cup are included. The cup comes with a built in egg piercer to stop eggs from cracking.

As the egg boiler switches off automatically once cooking is complete, you can leave the appliance to its own devices without worrying about a pan boiling over.

Equipped with overheat protection for safer use and your peace of mind.

Contemporary silver/ black design with power indicator light.


Power: 500W

Size: 35.6 x 33.6 x 12.4cm

Weight: 1kg

Material: Stainless steel/ plastic

  • The quick and hassle-way to cook eggs to perfection – large capacity cooks up to 16 eggs at once!
  • Two removable shelves hold 8 eggs each – versatile design can be used as a one or two tier egg boiler
  • Easy to use with power indicator light, auto switch off and overheat protection – automatically cooks eggs hard boiled, soft boiled or in-between, depending on the amount of water used
  • Includes measuring cup with egg piercer and poaching bowl to create scrumptious poached eggs and omelettes
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

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2 Responses

  1. avatar Name Withheld says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    VonShef Premium Electric Egg Boiler for 16 Eggs with Poacher/ Omelette Maker Bowl

    Unbelievable scenes. Not 6, not 12 bit 16 eggs!!! At first, I thought who would boil 16 eggs at a time? Sounds pretty unnecessary. But how wrong. My diet now consists of cold boiled eggs, boiled to perfection due to the very precise and concise instructions found in the manual which is all inclusive in the very fashionable box the vonshef premium egg boiler comes in. Probably the one complaint I could think of is more of a regret. Why have I spent so much of my life without the vonshef egg boiler? Alone? In the darkness? Only being able to boil 10-12 in a saucepan, cracking them as I drop them in to the pan full of boiling water and tears… Tears of not knowing. But now they are tears of joy. Years of happiness. For vonshef. I salute you. 5/5. Keep making these miracles happen.

  2. avatar Lee Evans says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    VonShef Premium Electric Egg Boiler for 16 Eggs with Poacher/ Omelette Maker Bowl

    If you’ve never used and egg cooker, you really must give them a go. You see them in catalogues, shops etc, and think what a lot of faff for just boiling an egg…

    However, by using a precise measurement of water each time, you get perfectly cooked eggs, reliably to the texture you like. The device then turns off and goes into a keep warm setting. Additionally this really is the quickest way to boil an egg as they start cooking almost immeidately as so little water is used.

    This device has one huge advantage over many, that it doesn’t have a buzzer so you have to rush around the house back to the cooker to switch it off, it simply goes into a keep warm mode and keeps the eggs until YOU are ready for them. Typically it takes around 3 minutes for soft boiled eggs, a little longer for hard boiled.

    Also this device has a much simplier instructions, and you only need to remember the amount of water for 1-8 eggs or 9 to 16 eggs (I’ve never needed to cook this many but assume it works well with two levels as well as one.

    If your into body building or just need to feed a family lots of eggs, or run a bed and breakfast this really is ideal, and mine gets used several times a day.

    It also comes with handy trays for making coddled or ‘poached’ eggs, similar to the ones you get in McDonalds, only nicer!

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