CSL – 20m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable / broadband cable | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7 – Cheap Price

CSL - 20m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable / broadband cable | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7
!! Cat.6 LAN-cable – Gigabit-speed for your network !!

The high quality CAT.6 network cable (20.0m cable length) is perfectly suited
for 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet networks in office buildings and private house-
holds, whether you want to connect your PC, notebook, games console or even
other devices to the internet or in the network.

This is easily possible with this high-performance Cat.6 Patch cable. The Cat.6
Patch cable is suitable for any DSL speed and is able to connect all devices with
network capability quickly and easily.
The inner copper conductor ensures a very fast Gigabit data connection due to higher
transmission speeds – up to 250 MHz in comparison to standard Cat.5 network cables
(maximum 100 MHz). Furthermore, the Cat.6 cables are far less error-prone, more
flexible and also hence more suitable for easier laying. The bend protection mantle
of the plug also offers protection against the plug accidentally breaking off.
The CAT.6-network cable corresponds to the EIA/TIA 568B standard for contacting of
8 pin RJ-45 plugs.

Product description:

– 20.0m (metres) flat patch cable CAT.6 (Gigabit-LAN 10/100/1000 MBit)
– Transmission speed: 1000 Mbit (1 Gigabit/s)
– 100% downwards and upwards compatible
– 2 x RJ45 plugs
– gold-plated contact areas (connectors)
– incl. bend protection mantle for the plugs
– ROHS conform
– zero-halogen insulation
– colour: white
– suitable for home networks, Switch, Modem, Router, PatchPannel etc.

  • 20.0m (metres) Cat.6 network cable (upwards/downwards compatible) / broadband cable | Patch cable / low profile cable | 2 RJ-45 plug | plug with bend protection mantle Colour: white
  • High transmission speeds due to operating frequency with up to 250 MHz (in comparison to Cat.5/Cat.5e cable bandwidth of 100 MHz)
  • High quality copper inner conductor / zero-halogen insulation / ROHS conform / 100% over-moulded strain relief | bend protection mantle (very solid due to sharpened bend protection mantle)
  • Configuration as EIA/TIA 568B | guaranteed downwards and upwards compatibility to Cat.5e/CAT.5/CAT.7/ UTP / EIA/TIA 568B standard
  • Suitable for Gigabit-networks 10/100/1000 MBit | to connect computers, games consoles, DSL-modem, switch, access point, router, modem, network sockets, patch fields or patch panels within a 10/100/1000 Mbit-networks | Lan network flat cable ideal for under floor & carpet
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2 Responses

  1. Fwaffy says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CSL – 15m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable / broadband cable | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7 (Electronics)

    I bought a couple of these cables so that I could use wired connections to some of the kit in my A/V system. The broadband router lives in my kitchen/dining room, whilst the A/V kit is in the next room. I could have used wireless connections, and indeed have done so in the past, but using an ethernet cable pretty much guarantees trouble-free streaming (ISP/service issues aside). I found some suitable slimline trunking on the Wickes website and this handled both cables and a BT telephone cable without too much issue. In order to try make things easy, I taped both cables together and used small blobs of Blu-Tak to hold the cables in the trunking. That made it easier when it came to fitting the trunking covers. In spite of their flat nature, they are however a little difficult to fold/bend round internal corners. I had only one minor issue with the cables. I used a 13mm masonry drill to create a hole in the kitchen/diner wall to pass the cables through. Whilst standard ethernet cables would pass through easily, the CSL ones wouldn’t, and would get jammed. The cable ends have a couple of white plastic ‘ears’ that stick up — they can be seen clearly in the product picture. I’m not entirely sure why they’re there, as no other ethernet cables that I’ve purchased in the past have them. Anyway, I simply removed them with a pair of cutters, cleaned things up with a craft knife and then the cables went through the hole in the wall without issue. The lack of the ‘ears’ doesn’t affect their mechanical ability when it comes to plugging them in, so why they’re there is a mystery to me.

    Looking back at my efforts, I’m pretty pleased thus far with the results. I probably could have used standard ethernet cables in the same trunking rather than the CSL cables, but probably would have hit problems trying to bend the cables round the internal corners in the trunking. Anyway, using one of the CSL cables connected to a BT gigabit switch I get the full download/upload speeds from my ISP. The other cable is a spare for now.

    The cables seem well made. However, given their thinner nature I don’t think that they’re as robust as normal ethernet cables, so do lend themselves to specific applications, such as mine, or perhaps being run under carpet or wooden flooring.

    All-in-all recommended, and I’d certainly use them again, should the need arise.

  2. Paul Irvine says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CSL – 5m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable / broadband cable | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7 (Electronics)

    OK, so it’s just a network cable and it connects my computer to my router. It is surprising what a difference the cable being flat makes. I found it easier to route than a standard round cable and it’s infinitely better when you need to go anywhere near a doorway. Taking into account the fact it was no more expensive than the usual round cables on offer I am impressed with something as boring as a network cable.

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