Quality Refurbished IBM Lenovo X201 CM© Laptop ✔ Intel Core i5 ✔4GB ✔ 320GB ✔ WIFI ✔ Warranty ✔ Windows 7 Pro – Cut Rate

Quality Refurbished IBM Lenovo X201 CM© Laptop ✔ Intel Core i5 ✔4GB ✔ 320GB ✔ WIFI ✔ Warranty ✔ Windows 7 Pro

This lightgweight fast IBM X201 has a fast i5 2.4 Ghz Processor that is ideal for multitasking, we have other IBM Lenovo X201 available in our Ebay shop. This CM© Laptop from the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad range is ideal for home and office use. This CM© Laptop is ready to use as soon as you open the box, we have cleaned, tested and refurbished this laptop so it is ready to use as soon as it is received. You simply need to connect the laptop to your wireless network. This cheap laptop has 4gb memory installed within this Windows 7 IBM X201 laptop this will also optimise the performance of this IBM Windows 7 CM© Laptop.

We have pre-installed Windows 7 Professional on this laptop, Windows 7 Professional is stable and well built operating system that makes navigating between multiple programs a simple process. Windows 7 Professional is a very well regarded operating system that is ideal for the novice laptop user up to the professional with a heavy reliance on their laptop.

  • Fully Refurbished and Tested
  • Fast Core i5 Processor
  • Wifi installed and Ready To Connect
  • Despatched quickly via next day delivery to UK Mainland
  • 90 Day Return To Base Warranty
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2 Responses

  1. Mr Smith says:

    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Quality Refurbished IBM Lenovo X201 Laptop ✔ Intel Core i5 ✔4GB ✔ 320GB ✔ WIFI ✔ Warranty ✔ Windows 7 Pro

    This is a refurbished PC unit and they’re being sold by a variety of sellers – I bought mine from Elfex and it was delivered by APC, so my comments apply to them, where relevant, as well as the x201.

    The PC was delivered on time, in a secure packaging (it was in a protective inflatable plastic envelope within a sturdy cardboard box).

    The PC, as already mentioned, was a refurbished (GRADE A) unit, but was supplied complete with a brand new compatible charger rather than the original one which is a bonus. The casing of the PC itself had obviously been cleaned prior to shipping, which is a nice professional touch, as most refurbished units I’ve bought in the past have arrived very dirty. That said, there is a scratch on the screen – its no problem when casually viewing a mainly dark screen (eg. a movie or game) but its an annoying distraction when focusing on a light screen (eg. scrolling and typing a document).

    The PC ‘out of the box’ started up quickly and cleanly into Windows 7 – and it looked like a nice clean install with the addition of a few ‘standard’ extra programs like Chrome, Evernote, VLC and OpenOffice. However a subsequent virus scan (by my McAffee) detected and removed a suspected Trojan virus – so be wary of the build images used on these referbished PCs). I was not too concerned, as I’d planned to do a Win 7 to 10 update, then a clean Win 10 install, but the imaged build on this PC uses a non standard ‘dual boot’ start up giving the default option of booting into windows 7 or alternately a restore of the build image. However, the Win 10 updater really didn’t like the dual boot and repeatedly failed on both ‘in situ’ and ‘media creation’ update paths. So it looked like I was stuck with Win 7. That wouldn’t be a big problem – but the Win 7 update is also hanging (it just cycles endlessly on ‘looking for updates’) and no amount of Microsoft ‘fixes’ (restarting the update service, clearing the update cache, updating the update agent … etc) would fix it. And, of course, the Levono ‘create factory reset disks’ isn’t an option because – although the Lenove menu option to create them is still there – the refurbishment has replaced the original recovery partition/data with the refurbishment image used …….. and the path to win 10 all starts to feel like a catch-22.

    These issues may be fixable, given enough time and effort, but my last x201 updated fast and clean to Windows 10 out of the box, this one was proving to be serious hard work. The current state of play is – with the help of a partition editor and MBR rebuilder – I’ve managed to edit the hard disk to remove the dual boot and boot directly into the Win 7 partition, so the Win 10 media creation tool has been able to do its Win 10 upgrade – but its by far the most convoluted Win 7->10 upgrade I’ve done to date. Lucky for me I enjoy playing around with PCs like this.

    So back to the hardware.

    The battery was at 50% charge on delivery and it appears to be charging up happily from the supplied charger and providing a good charge life once charged. I’d be very surprised if the original (5-6 year old!) battery would perform as well, so it appears to be a good quality replacement.

    The other PC hardware specs (processor, disk, ram ..) are all what they should be. A quick initial hardware diagnostic scan (the Lenovo diagnostic options) indicated everything OK – though the processor was running quote a bit hotter than I’d expect (90’C at idle!) but the cooling fan was working, so I thought I’d leave it run a few hours to check everything was OK with it. UPDATE – the processor is definitely running hot. Capping max processor at 50% (via the power management options) keeps it under 70’C, but run the processor at a 100% cap and within 30 mins the temp is hitting 110’C and the PC is shutting itself off (thank goodness). The i5 520M technical specs give a maximum thermal range up to 105’C – and my old X201 i5 ran happily uncapped and under load at about 60-70’C. I’m hoping that Win 10 proves to have a bit better temperature control ……..

    Finally, before ordering I’d asked Elfex a few questions about the PC. Those questions were answered quickly and knowledgeably – and the PC/spec supplied was in line with the answers – so that was impressive – but the overheating is starting to be a concern unless I can find a way to resolve it (or Win 10 controls it better).

  2. Savros says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Quality Refurbished IBM Lenovo X201 Laptop ✔ Intel Core i5 ✔4GB ✔ 320GB ✔ WIFI ✔ Warranty ✔ Windows 7 Pro

    Ok lads, let’s share some review about this tank machine.

    Laptop: I have checked the laptop, and it came as advertised, which is really nice. I5 540m, 4gig ram, in fact x201 Lenovo. I did the temp check, and I am not too pleased about that, as it can hit 85-90c using Google Chrome(two tabs), and an opened folder. When all programs are shut, it can drop down to around 60c. So far, I have played only DOS games(using dosbox), and Warcraft III, and the laptop ran flawlessly. I haven’t tried more demanding games, but I am planing to put NFS: The Run, just to see how the laptop will behave.
    No scratches on plastics, nor screen. Keyboard and touch pad look brand new.

    Battery: When I bought the laptop, I asked the seller, if they can confirm me, that the laptop will come in a full working condition with a good battery, which they positively confirmed saying the battery they can guarantee an hour and a half. When I tested the battery, it hardly hit 50 minutes, using just Google Chrome(two tabs) and an opened folder. When I spoke to a seller again, they said it can be less(than 1h 30 min) if playing games, and so on, but that wasn’t my case. They didn’t offer replacement, so I am not happy about that. Still, 50 min is alright, for a quick online check, but you can’t really go anywhere without a charger, and can’t use it outside as the battery will quickly die.

    Recovery Disc: Another thing, I am not happy about is the ”recovery disc”, which is actually, a boot(start up) fix. There is no DVD included with a system repair, so if anything happens to your laptop, make sure you gonna spend another £20 (win 7 64bit) for a new operative system.

    Delivery: They estimated a week or so, but laptop came in two days. Very express delivery, it came well packed, and it was clean.

    All in all, I can’t complain about the laptop much. It works perfect. I definitely recommend it, and of course the seller as well. You can’t get better laptop for a £100.
    Good luck.

    EDIT: Hello lads, I would like to upgrade my experience with this laptop. I mentioned above how the temp stays about 80-90 degrees Celsius, at Idle, but as I was trying to solve this issue, i realized it was happening because my CPU would be hitting 100% quite often, and my RAM would keep raising more and more each second, so for instance, when I start the system, RAM would be under 1 GIG usage, but after say 5 minutes, it would jump up to 3.5 GIG usage, with no programs running, which would cause CPU to work harder, which would produce more heat. I did my research through the Task Manager, and I realized it is a Windows Update that drains all the possible power of my Laptop. So I decided to turn off Windows Update permanently, and guess what? The Laptop works perfectly now, fast & furious! No heat problems anymore, and temp is between 45-65c Celsius, even when running programs. All in all, this laptop is worth the money. It is really a beast, and you will not be disappointed. I tried some games, it is not a gaming Laptop. You can run older games perfectly, but 2011+ forget. It will make your Laptop sweat, and possible automatic shutdown.

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