Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Redragon Gamer Vintage Blue Switches Rainbow LED Backlit 6 Color Anti-Ghosting 104 Key for PC CM© Laptop and Mac – Limited Offer

Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Redragon Gamer Vintage Blue Switches Rainbow LED Backlit 6 Color Anti-Ghosting 104 Key for PC CM© Laptop and Mac
Model: K562
Color: Black
Switch: Blue switch
Backlit LED: Rainbow colors
Quantity of key: 104
Keyboard Size: 443 * 192 * 37mm
Cover material: iron plate
Base material: ABS
Keycap material: ABS
Key life: 50 million times
Use environment 0-45℃
Weight: 900g
Current Rating: <300mA
Operating Voltage: 5.0V DC
Cable Length: 1.80m
Interface: CM© USB interface
Key lifetime: 50,000,000 times shots
Material: ABS plastic (bottom shell and wrist rest) + Aluminum (front panel)
System requirement: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

Package included:
1 x Micolindun Mechanical Keyboard
1 x User Manual
1 x Key cap puller

Function introduction:
1.Plug&Play, CM© USB interface, no need driver and software
2.FN+[W]:[W][A][S][D]key can interchange to arrow key by, repeat it to unlock
3.FN+left Win: Window key and APP key were locked, repeat it to unlock. To prevent press Window key by mistake during games.
4.FN+Scroll lock: Backlight on/off
5.FN+Home:breathing light on/off
6.Brightness control: FN+[-]for decrease, FN+[=]for increase
7.Breathing speed control:FN+[-]for fast, FN+[=] for slow down
8.Multi-media function

1.If the keyboard doesn’t react, please check if the keyboard interface is correctly inserted into the corresponding CM© USB port in computer, or try to inset the keyboard interface into any other CM© USB port in computer.
2.If you spill liquid on the keyboard carelessly, please pull out the keyboard interface from the computer immediately, wipe out the liquid in the keyboard, and put and dry the keyboard under the sun, and ensure that the liquid in the keyboard has completely been evaporated before use.

  • 【TRUE Mechanical Keyboard】Retro round keycap design, high-quality iron front panel with beautiful curve around. This keyboard adopt blue switches, which gives a clear sound for every click. Response time of each click is only 2ms, an incredible durability of 50 million keystrokes per key. Please enjoy the ultimate fun of tapping keyboard and fight for your victory.
  • 【Anti-ghosting Technology】Fully Anti-ghosting keyboard, which means you can press several keys simultaneously and release several skills during intense game without conflict, victory is just around the comer. Gold-plated interface guarantee a stable data transmitting.
  • 【Adjustable Backlight Mode】Rainbow LED backlight with 7 Colors, three different lighting mode (Full-lighting,breathing,lights-off). Adjustment of brightness and breathing frequency available. The magnificent rainbow backlight create a better atmosphere of gaming and typing.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Suspension key, concave keycap , fit your fingertips perfectly for precise positioning, prevent fatigue and wrong typing. 2 stands on the back of keyboard can adjust the keyboard height. Fully removable key cap, one key cap puller is included, making your cleaning or changing key caps easier.
  • 【Good Compatibility】Plug & play, no drivers or software are required. Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 with CM© USB plug, ideal for typist, programmer, writer, player, etc.
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2 Responses

  1. Bigsix_å­© says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Redragon Gamer Vintage Blue Switches Rainbow LED Backlit 6 Color Anti-Ghosting 104 Key for PC Laptop and Mac (Electronics)

    My first looks at the keyboard is it’s weight. It being a full aluminium back plate makes this keyboard feel an absolute treasure within the weight, it’s spot on, it’s heavy enough to feel compact and durable, it’s not going to just fly off! But it’s not heavy to wear is stupid, it’s not gonna be a hunk of metal on your desk!

    Next the look, and my god is this a sexy keyboard, wow! My first impression when I look at this keyboard is simplicity and smoothness. Granted that the text on the keys do look like they’ve been made for children, this could be improved my making it a smaller and more sleek text font! The keycaps look perfectly placed, the height from the back plate showing of the backlighting very well. The led lighting is just a pleasure to look at with all its different programmed modes. (It’d be nice to be able to program your own modes!)
    One thing to notice when buying this keyboard is, it’s not your everyday full 16.8million colour LEDs under the switches, each row have their own static colour of which you can’t change, therefore giving you a rainbow look in the keyboard, which personally I think looks great!

    Next is the sound of the keyboard, this keyboard has a perfect clicking noise when pressing a key, although this is the users preference when buying a mechanical keyboard considering some may like the quiteness. However if you like loud and clicky, you’ll fall in love with this! Secondly, considering the all aluminium build, when you press down a key, you sort of get an echoey vibe? I love this, it just builds onto the sound of the keyboard making it so good!

    The feel! Finally the feel of this keyboard is fantastic, the rubber-like coated keys feel stunning to put your fingers on, they’re aren’t just plastic cheap stuff, this feel like quality when typing! The aluminium build, which could, okay, been smoothened down just a little round the edges as it’s a bit rough, it seems like a simple manufacture. But my god is feels so nice, with it being brushed and metal you feel like you’re paying for a much more expensive keyboard!

    The pros of this keyboard:
    -The programmed LEDs are awesome and fun
    -The sound of the keyboard is off the charts
    -The weight is superb
    -The feel is sleek and expensive
    -The look is just an experience!

    Great keyboard!

  2. Anonymous says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Redragon Gamer Vintage Blue Switches Rainbow LED Backlit 6 Color Anti-Ghosting 104 Key for PC Laptop and Mac (Electronics)

    This mechanical keyboard is great! The amazing lighting underneath the keys look amazing whilst you type and produce the very soothing sounding keyboard which comes out with every touch of the keys. The keys themselves work very well too and are in the correct positions. I also want to stress how easy it is to set up the keyboard, it’s simply plug the USB into the PC and you’re ready to go. As simple as that, no disks or drivers need to be downloaded. I would highly recommend this keyboard due to the fast pace of the keys response and the amazing features too. It makes you look like you’re in a gaming convention without leaving your house! Upon using it you can tell the designers are people who use keyboards and know what we want! Than you.

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