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When is your phone getting Android 8.0 Oreo? We asked every major manufacturer

When will you get Android Oreo?

With Android P on the horizon, the heat is now on manufacturers to make sure that as many devices as possible are updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, with some phones still waiting. As a general rule, if your phone was made in the last two years, there is a good chance you’re in luck — though every manufacturer is different and it depends on which device you own. Before Android 8.0 Oreo broke cover, 7.1.2 Nougat was the latest version of the platform, and it’s still unavailable to a vast majority of phones. That didn’t stop us from posing the question of if and when devices will receive 8.0 Oreo to all of Android’s major manufacturers. Here is what each had to say.


Alcatel’s track record with Android updates is unfortunately spotty, and at the moment, there is only one phone we expect to receive Android Oreo: The just-released Idol 5S. The Idol 5S is currently Alcatel’s only product running 7.1.1 Nougat. The company’s lower-priced handsets, the A50, A30 Plus, and A30, all launched with 7.0 Nougat. Alcatel also promised to eventually deliver Nougat to last year’s Idol 4S, which launched with Marshmallow.

We reached out to TCL, the company that owns Alcatel, regarding its update road map. The company had nothing to share, though we will update this article as soon as we receive an answer.


Asus has confirmed to Digital Trends that the ZenFone 3 series will receive Oreo by the second half of 2018. Although the company isn’t the quickest with updates, it did eventually follow through on its promise to bring Nougat to the ZenFone 3 series, so it’ll likely do the same here — just be prepared to wait a while. Part of the delay is likely due to the company adding its ZenUI skin over the operating system, which will reportedly see an upgrade to 4.0 for Oreo. Android 8.0 Oreo for the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 3 Max, and ZenFone 4 Pro has rolled out, so we expect the rest of the ZenFone 4 and 3 range to follow in due time.

Asus phones that have received the update

  • ZenFone 4
  • ZenFone 4 Pro
  • ZenFone 3 Max
  • ZenFone 3
  • ZenFone 3 Deluxe
  • ZenFone 3 Zoom

Asus phones confirmed to receive the update

  • ZenFone 4 Selfie
  • ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro
  • ZenFone 4 Max
  • ZenFone 4 Max Pro
  • ZenFone 3 Laser


TCL, which works with BlackBerry to manufacture its devices, confirmed it will update the KeyOne to Oreo — but there was no word on precisely when it would happen. To kick it off, Canadian carrier Rogers confirmed it will begin rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo to the KeyOne starting June 28. The update will also include Wi-Fi calling capabilities. But there’s still no confirmation on when the update will arrive in other markets.

As far as the company’s other phones are concerned, no announcements have been made at this time, so we’ll have to wait and see.

BlackBerry phones that have received the update

  • KeyOne (in Canada)

BlackBerry phones confirmed to receive the update


The most talked-about smartphone startup has only got one phone — the Essential PH-1 — and it launched with version 7.1.1 Nougat. After months of an Oreo beta program, unlocked Essential Phones finally got the official Oreo 8.1 update, followed by Essential Phones on Sprint.

Essential phones that have received the update

  • Essential PH-1


Google’s devices are usually the quickest to receive every new Android version. In keeping with the company’s 18-month support policy, four Google devices were the first to receive the Oreo update: The Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X. All four devices have already received the update. This will be the final major update for the Nexus line. The company’s latest Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL shipped with Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google phones that have received the update

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5X

HMD Global (Nokia)

HMD Global, the company responsible for producing Nokia’s Android phones, has announced that it will update all of its devices to Oreo. Another device, the Nokia 8, has already received the update. During a Nokia 8 launch event in the Philippines, the company said it would support every Nokia-branded phone in its portfolio for two years from release. The Nokia 3 has left the Oreo beta, and the update is rolling out, while the Nokia 7 has also been updated.

The Nokia 2 was confirmed to be updated to Android 8.1 Oreo in the same tweet as the Nokia 3, but that phone has only just entered HMD Global’s beta lab for Android 8.1 Oreo. Based on previous experience, you can expect the beta program to take about two months to complete, after which all Nokia 2 units will receive the update. If you want to take part in the beta, you can sign up for HMD Global’s beta lab.

HMD Global phones that have received the update

  • Nokia 8
  • Nokia 7
  • Nokia 6
  • Nokia 5
  • Nokia 3

HMD Global phones confirmed to receive the update

  • Nokia 2 (update in beta)


Honor announced that a few of its recent devices will be updated to Android Oreo. Recently, the company pushed a beta upgrade to the Honor V9 (which is the Honor 8 Pro in the U.S.).

There had been some question as to whether the Honor 8 would be receiving the Oreo update, after the company’s CEO also confirmed it would, a tweet from Honor India later said the Honor 8 will not receive the Oreo update “due to hardware and software limitations.”

Thankfully, it seems that the Honor 8 will be receiving an update to Oreo after an Oreo beta program rolled out on certain Chinese Honor 8 units. Also included in that update were the Honor V8, Honor Note 8, and the Honor 6X. While this update has been long coming, expect the final version to rollout globally at some point soon.

The Honor 7X has finally started receiving the Oreo update after a beta program went live in several countries.

Honor phones that have received the update

  • Honor 9
  • Honor 8 Pro
  • Honor 7X

Honor phones receiving the update

  • Honor 8
  • Honor V8
  • Honor Note 8
  • Honor 6X


Historically, HTC has been one of the most conscientious original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) where updates are concerned. This year, however, things might be different. The HTC U11 was one of the first non-Google devices to upgrade to Android Oreo. The budget HTC U11 Life has received Oreo, the HTC 10 has recently been updated, and the HTC U11 Plus launched with the latest version. The last phone to be upgraded (that we currently know of), the U Ultra, received the update in early March.

HTC phones that have received the update

  • HTC U11
  • HTC U11 Life
  • HTC U11 Plus
  • HTC 10
  • HTC U Ultra


The unlocked version of the Huawei Mate 9 in the U.S. has received the Oreo update, and the update has begun for the international Huawei P10 models. Beyond these two devices, it’s unclear what other phones Huawei is planning to update. After a long period of rumors that Huawei would be updating the P9 and P9 Plus, we finally get the news that the Chinese Oreo beta program is launching on those phones, as well as the Huawei Mate 8. However, the status of that update has been thrown into doubt by a member of Huawei’s support team, who claimed that hardware limitations may freeze the possibility of an update.

The Oreo updates come through EMUI 8, the company’s Android theme. Huawei’s current flagship, the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro launched with the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

Huawei phones that have received the update

  • Huawei Mate 9 (U.S. unlocked)
  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Huawei P10 Lite
  • Huawei Mate SE

Huawei rumored to receive the update

  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei P9 Plus
  • Huawei Mate 8


Lenovo’s phones are also set to get an Android 8.0 Oreo update. The company’s Android update schedule to include the K series of phones, but the K8 Note and K8 Plus are currently over-schedule, having been intended to receive an update in April and June 2018, which makes the K8’s scheduled July 2018 update seem unlikely. We’ll update as we hear more.

Lenovo phones confirmed to receive the update

  • Lenovo K8
  • Lenovo K8 Note
  • Lenovo K8 Plus


The LG V20 started getting the Android 8.0 Oreo update a few months ago and now T-Mobile customers are part of the action. The T-Mobile LG V20 is finally getting the update to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Last year’s LG V20 was one of the first devices to launch with Nougat. Unfortunately, the LG V30 didn’t have the same honor this year, but an Oreo update has rolled out to V30 units on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. T-Mobile has confirmed that the LG G5, V20, and V30 Plus will also be receiving the Oreo update, while the V30 and G6 will go one further with a confirmed Android 8.1 update. With the recent opening of its Software Upgrade Center, LG confirmed that it would be looking to have the Oreo update for the LG G6 out in Korea in April, and other markets shortly after — which turned out to be June.

While the LG V30 and V30 Plus had previously started the rollout of the Oreo update on T-Mobile, it seems that T-Mobile has had to pause the update due to issues that have arisen. Other carriers appear to have updated the LG V30 just fine.

LG phones that have received the update

  • LG V20
  • LG V30
  • LG V30 Plus
  • LG G6

LG phones that will receive the update


While Motorola isn’t quite as timely with its updates as it once was, the company is still pretty transparent about its plans and is one of the better manufacturers regarding new versions of Android. In September, Motorola announced which of its phones would get an upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo. It didn’t commit to a timeline but said that device owners could expect new firmware “this fall.”

Not every phone will make the jump, unfortunately. The Moto G4 won’t get Oreo, and neither will the Moto E4. Initially, Motorola refused to commit to updating the Moto G4 Plus — despite promising in the phone’s marketing materials an upgrade to Android Oreo. Thankfully for fans of the G-series, the G5S Plus is currently receiving tests for Oreo in certain countries.

“It’s our general practice for the Moto G family to get one major OS upgrade per device, so it wasn’t originally planned for Android O,” a Motorola spokesperson said in a blog post. “But it’s important to us we keep our promises, so in addition to the N upgrade it has already received, we will be upgrading Moto G4 Plus to Android O. Because this is an unplanned upgrade, it will take some time to fit into our schedule, we’ll update our software upgrade page when we have more info.”

First spotted by Android Police, Android 8.0 Oreo is currently rolling out to unlocked versions of the Moto Z and Moto Z Play in the U.S. In addition to receiving major features that come with Oreo — notification dots, background limits, picture-in-picture, and more — the update will also include Android security patches for both devices.

Motorola phones that have received the update

  • Moto Z2 Force (T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint)
  • Moto X4
  • Moto Z Play (Unlocked)
  • Moto Z (Unlocked)

Motorola phones to receive the update

  • Moto Z Droid
  • Moto Z Force Droid
  • Moto Z Play Droid
  • Moto Z2 Force (Other carriers)
  • Moto G4 Plus
  • Moto G5
  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5S
  • Moto G5S Plus


OnePlus has released OxygenOS 5, which is based on Android 8.0 Oreo, for the OnePlus 3 and 3T. The OnePlus 5 and the recently released OnePlus 5T got updated in early February, and are now also receiving the update to Android 8.1 Oreo. Unfortunately, older devices, like the OnePlus 2 and X, appear to have been left behind.

OnePlus phones that have received the update

  • OnePlus 5T
  • OnePlus 5
  • OnePlus 3
  • OnePlus 3T


There’s only one phone under Razer’s brand at the moment, but the Razer Phone has received an update that takes it to Android 8.1 Oreo. Like the Essential Phone before it, the Razer Phone has skipped 8.0 entirely and gone straight to 8.1. If you’re still looking to pick a Razer Phone up, it’s also just gone up for sale at Best Buy.

Razer phones that have received the update

  • Razer Phone


Samsung is just now beginning to roll out Android Oreo to unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 devices in the U.S. Needless to say, that’s really late. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 got the update back in April, Samsung has been having trouble with some of its other handsets.

Like the S7 and S7 Edge before, Samsung was having issues with stability while upgrading last year’s Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J5 Pro, and Galaxy J7 to Android 8.0 Oreo. The update which was planned for July has now been pushed back to September while Samsung works on the update. Updates for the 2-year-old Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge began rolling out at the start of May, were paused due to issues, but eventually went back to rolling out.

Note 8 owners are finally receiving the Oreo update after Galaxy S8 owners, after something of a false start, began receiving the updated upgrade to Oreo. The Note 8 updates began with AT&T Note 8 units specifically but have now spread to Verizon and Sprint Note 8 owners too. T-Mobile Note 8 owners are still having to wait, after their Oreo rollout halted. AT&T Galaxy S8 Active phones have also received the update. In weirder news, the Note 7 Fan Edition has also received an update to Oreo, despite the limited run of that particular model.

Samsung has also released details of Galaxy owners should expect from the update, posting an exhaustive list of changes to the underlying software. It’s unclear whether this applies to the other phones that will eventually receive the update, but it seems fair to assume that a lot of these updates will be the same across devices.

Samsung’s Turkish website has confirmed which Samsung devices will be receiving the Oreo update, with a list that includes the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S-series from 2017. A later list from the Canadian Samsung website also includes the release dates for the updates, which we have included below. It’s worth keeping in mind that these dates are likely the Canadian release dates, so expect some differences for your own updates if you’re not based in Canada.

It’s interesting to note that this list does not include the Galaxy S6, which was previously confirmed for the update by a T-Mobile support page that confirmed that the Galaxy S6 Edge would be receiving this major update. A similar thing extends to a possible update for the Note 5. It’s possible these devices are still getting updates, but the lack of an official line on the matter makes us skeptical.

Samsung phones that have received the update

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (AT&T)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (unlocked in the U.S.)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung phones confirmed to receive the update

  • Samsung Galaxy A3 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (September 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (September 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (September 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7  (September 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 (late 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (late 2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge (late 2018)

Samsung phones rumored to receive the update

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Sony’s Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact both feature Oreo out of the box, but the company is not stopping there. Sony has confirmed it will bring the update to 10 of its previous devices, and has posted a complete list of which devices are getting the update.

The list includes flagships like the Xperia XZ Premium, midrange phones like the Xperia X Compact, and lower-end handsets like the Xperia XA1 Ultra. Even the Xperia Touch — an Android-based smart projector — will receive Oreo. Sony says timing and availability will vary by market and network operators.

Sony has stepped up its efforts as of late. The Xperia X Performance was the first of its phones to get Nougat a little over three months after release. The company has become one of Google’s most faithful partners in terms of distributing Android updates as quickly as possible. The company’s upcoming devices, the Sony XA2, XA2 Ultra, and the L2, all ship with Oreo.

There is a bit of bad news with the Oreo update for Xperia phones — the company has confirmed that the Oreo update strips the phones of any night modes that reduce blue light coming from the phone display. A real shame if you’re a fan of not being blinded at night, but thankfully there are third-party apps that replace some of that functionality.

Sony phones that have received the update

  • Xperia XZ Premium
  • Xperia XZ
  • Xperia XZs
  • Xperia X Performance
  • Xperia X Compact
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia XA1 Plus
  • Xperia XA1
  • Xperia XA1 Ultra

Sony phones confirmed to receive the update

  • Xperia Touch


ZTE hasn’t said which of its phones are getting Oreo, and when we reached out for comment, a spokesperson responded with the following statement:

“We evaluate whether or not a device receives the latest update on a case by case basis. We are very open to looking at bringing Android O to all our of devices, but because of device hardware capabilities and carrier requirements, this will drive how quickly we would be able to commit to whether we can, and the actual timelines of seeing this come on a device.”

ZTE did make good on its promise to keep its devices current during Nougat’s run. It brought version 7.1.1 to the Axon 7 and added support for Daydream VR at the same time. It even ran a program for ZMax Pro users to preview Nougat. It’s been reasonably timely with updates in the past, and hopefully, that will continue with Oreo’s rollout. ZTE already rolled out a beta program for Oreo on the Axon 7, and we imagine it will eventually trickle down to the and Axon 7 Mini. The new ZTE Axon M is also a likely target for an update.

ZTE phones confirmed to receive the update

  • ZTE Axon 7

What exactly does the Oreo update bring? You can learn about all the new features in Android 8.0, and check out our review for our more.

Updated on September 28, 2018: The T-Mobile LG V20 is finally getting Android 8.0 Oreo.

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