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iLive Concierge speaker with Alexa user reviews

Smart speakers are a hot product to buy this year and if you are looking for an Amazon Echo alternative, we may have one for you with the iLive Concierge Wireless Speaker. This cheaper alternative is unique in the fact that it also comes with built-in Alexa support, the same voice-activated assistant that Amazon uses. The difference is that the iLive version is a lot cheaper in price and if you look hard enough, you may be able to find it at the £50 price point instead of £100 which is the usual price for it.

This iLive Bluetooth speaker connects to an accompanying WiFi app which will then connect up to six speakers to cover all areas of your home with voice activated information or audio listening.

iLive Concierge speaker with Alexa user reviews It comes with an included battery and it should offer up to five hours on a single charge when volume is set to 50%. What are buyers saying about this model so far though?

We have picked out some useful iLive Concierge speaker reviews from Evine for you to read through – there are some contrasting opinions from those who already have one so we recommend you read through those first before considering a purchase. We’ve also added three videos for you to watch, giving you a further up-close look at this speaker and also for those that need general help on setting up the iLive Concierge speaker for the first time. Are you interested in buying one right now? Leave your thoughts and questions below.

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