Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 deals for Zelda

We have some great news for Zelda fans now as the Black Friday 2017 game deals for Nintendo Switch are starting to go live and there is one really nice offer for those that are still looking to buy Zelda. If for some reason you haven’t played Breath of the Wind yet, Walmart are giving you a great opportunity to pick up a new version with a special discount attached. The Zelda Breath of the Wild Explorer Edition is a new version of the game that releases specifically during Black Friday 2017 and is priced officially at £59.99.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 deals for Zelda

However during Black Friday, this deal is going to be just £49 whilst stocks last. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer Edition contents includes a copy of the game, a a double-sided map, and a visually stunning 100 page Explorers Guide book filled with lore from the game that will act as the ultimate companion as you play. If you love Zelda and don’t have the game yet, this is the only Black Friday deal you need as £49 is a great price. Buy it here now from Walmart on November 23 and let us know if you manage to secure a copy!

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