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Toshiba 32L310U18 reviews in 2017 with surprising feedback

If you are looking for cheap TV, they don’t much cheaper than Toshiba sets at the moment. Now we are taking a look at one of them, with the Toshiba 32? Class LED 720p HDTV sold exclusively by Best Buy in the USA.

This TV doesn’t have all of the dazzling features of other brands on the market, as it most definitely falls into the ‘budget’ category on this occasion. For the price of just £119.99 after discount though, it is a TV that is ideal as a secondary option for the bedroom or kitchen in our opinion. We say that as the Toshiba 32L310U18 does not support a full HD resolution of 1080p.

It is 720p HD only and offers a max resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Other specs include a 60Hz refresh rate, 2 HDMI ports and CM© USB port so it really offers the bare minimum in terms of multimedia features. It does not have WiFi either so it is not a Smart supported model, but with a CM© USB port, you should be able to load up your media sticks without problem and access your content that way.

Toshiba 32L310U18 reviews in 2017 with surprising feedback

As long as you are aware of what you are buying, which is a standard 32-inch TV without any of the premium features expected you will be satisfied with this TV. This is backed up by the Toshiba 32L310U18 reviews here at Best Buy, as it currently has a 4.5/5 rating with over 650 reviews from happy buyers so you can buy with confidence. Is this your ideal TV for the bedroom?

If you want to buy it straight away, get it for £119.99 from Best Buy for a limited time only. Let us know if you have any other questions about it and further information this model can be found in the Toshiba 32L310U18 user manual which you can download here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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