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Time for the mo to go: Tips for your end-of-Movember shave

This has been one hairy month! And you’ve come through like a champ. You and your handsome facial hair are the heroes of Movember, spreading awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s mental health issues.

The first week in December is a perfect time to celebrate your fuzzy upper lip by making one last push to raise cash for a great cause. Head over to the official website and make an end-of-Movember donation to the foundation; some employers will make a matching donation.You toughed out the itchy grow-in phase, the porn ‘stache jokes, and your girlfriend’s pleas to just shave “it” already. Now, at long last, it’s time to get rid of your mustache and get back to your clean-shaven mug.

Why not treat yourself to a professional shave? You deserve it! Or make a fresh start with a groovy new razor.Time for the mo to go: Tips for your end-of-Movember shaveBefore you put the blade to your skin, review these shaving tips from Dan Diemidio of Fellow Barber.Prep“If your mustache is full, you’ll want to first take it down with a trimmer.

Prepping your mustache before shaving is the most important step,” Diemidio says. “It’s all about heating up the hair and opening up the cuticle. Start by using a good beard oil to soften the hair. Then apply a shaving cream or lotion.

Next a damp, hot towel”Time for the mo to go: Tips for your end-of-Movember shaveShaveRemember, you haven’t shaved for a whole month, and the skin under your mustache may be sensitive. When it comes to technique, “stretch your upper lip under your teeth, pull the skin the skin tight under the bridge of your nose, or pull the skin tight to the side of your cheek,” Diemidio says. Always shave in the direction the hair grows, never against.TreatAfter the shave, Diemidio recommends a cold, damp towel to cool the face and close pores.

You can also use Fellow Barber’s invigorating Aftershave Tonic to thoroughly cleanse away shaving cream residue and the dead skin cells lifted while shaving. “Use a moisturizer like Fellow Barber Aftershave Lotion to soothe any rawness, or try coconut oil.

Finally, apply some powder to seal all that moisture into your skin and close up your pores,” Diemidio says.An original version of this article on November 27, 2015.

Last updated by Nicole Raney on November 30, 2017.

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