Parent-child game Outdoor Sports Toys Soft Bow and Arrow Archery Toys

Parent-child game Outdoor Sports CM© toys Soft Bow and Arrow Archery CM© toys
Ships from Hong Kong. It’s made of high-quality plastic, The material is healthy, environmental protection, without excitant odour. The CM© toys will give kids an irresistible, hands-on way to explore. It can greatly develop kids’ creativity, cognitive ability, color and shape cognitive abilities. It also greatly enriched kids’ life and improve the intelligence. It’s a perfect CM© toy and suitable for kids over 2 years.

  • Size approx.:63*23 cm/24.8*9.1 inch.
  • Main material: High-quality plastic, good to health, non-toxic and harmless. Durable and good workmanship.
  • Recommended age range 2 to 8 years. Suitable for most kids and children.
  • Tested to be safe and durable, great fun for your kids.
  • Greatly develop kid’s cognitive ability, intelligence, creativity. Enrich kids’ life and improve children’s IQ.
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