Baby Wrap Sling 2017 | For Newborn, Toddler | High Quality Premium | Designed by BabyChamp in Berlin & London UK (navy blue) – Reduced

Baby Wrap Sling 2017 | For Newborn, Toddler | High Quality Premium | Designed by BabyChamp in Berlin & London UK (navy blue)
Wear your most beautiful jewellery: your baby, with BabyChamp super comfort sling. ? Practical ? ? Made for newborn & toddlers: Babies 0 – 18 months, 3-12 kg / 6-26 pounds. ? Machine washable (under 30° degrees to keep material quality), suitable for dryers. ? Wear all seasons, flexible to different knots ? Ideal for women up to size XL (18) and men up to size L (44): 5 meter long/50 cm large (19 inches long / 19 inches large); ? 7 colours: grey, dark blue, light blue, pink/ruby, turquoise, black, purple ? Lifelong Guarantee – extra convenience. Children’s Product Certificate; ? BABYS ? ? Parents closeness (skin, smell) makes baby cry less, sleep better and reduce stress ? Being close to mouth and voice exposes baby to conversations and is a development tool ? Embraced by soft cloth in the upright position avoids food puking ? PARENTS ? ? Free hands: always keep an eye while hands free for other daily activities ? Comfortable: Distribute baby weight across shoulders, back, hip and body ? Breastfeed in privacy shirt even in public ? Increases love hormones, decreases stress hormones Included: 1 x Baby wrap 1 x Carry bag 1 x Instructions in 5 languages

  • ✅ 5-IN-1: 5 MOTHER-BABY PRODUCTS IN ONE + THE PERFECT GIFT: (1) lightweight, elastic and easy to tie. 95% natural cotton and 5% elastic spandex (2) BREASTFEEDING shirt/ cover for elegant & private nursing (3) Soft BLANKET to protect and keep the baby warm (4) Baby HAMMOCK to mount on baby crib (instructions on website) (5) Maternity belt and Baby Shower gift. Make it a Christmas gift too!
  • ✅ Get babywear practice BENEFITS: (1) FREE HANDS for daily activities, do more and be comfortable to wear for long periods (2) The constant body contact increases love hormones and decreases stress hormones (3) HEALTHY FOR YOUR BACK: distributes baby weight across shoulders, back, hip and body; clip-free
  • ✅ YOUR BABY FAVOURITE POSITION: It imitates cozy snug environment found in the womb. Being close to mother body, receiving kisses and touches promotes positive baby development = cry less and sleep more and better. Baby gets involved in the environment. Upright position reduces food puking.
  • ✅ DESIGNED & TESTED IN LONDON & BERLIN. Secure and stylish, BabyChamp supports charitable not-for-profit organisations aid projects worldwide
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2 Responses

  1. Name Withheld says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Baby Sling Wrap for Newborn 0 – 18 months | Designed in Berlin & London UK | 8 Colours (grey) | Original BabyChamp Premium Breastfeeding Nursing Carrier (Baby Product)

    We are awaiting our little one currently and even though I’m still pregnant this is the first baby product I bought as I’ve heard very good things about the benefits of babywearing. Wearing your newborn in a baby sling like this one close to you appears to create a stronger bonding between mother and baby. I read about some other benefits like an increased or better support for the development of the baby. The little one seem to love the snug feeling of the sling as it mimics the tight environment in the womb.

    About the babychamp sling:
    – arrived super fast and feels very soft. Love the colours and the one I’ve ordered and can’t wait to try it.
    – very clean design and packaging. fab style and quality of the sling.
    – it seems to have some flexibility to be stretchy if needed but overall the sling seems to be strong
    – the length seems quite long so I guess it will fit my partner too. Instructions talk about 5 meter length and 60 cm width
    – the instructions are in I think various languages, come printed in colours and explains how to use the baby sling for the first time. We also watched some of the videos online which were really easy to follow
    – I plan to use it to carry my baby around and use it as a nursing cover as described to cover us during breastfeeding outside
    – I also love that the sling comes with a store-away pouch – I’m crazy about keeping things tidy and that little addition is perfect!

    I’m excited to being able to carry my little one around soon while giving him kisses!

  2. Anonymous says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Baby sling 5-in-1 for newborn and toddler | Baby wrap carrier for Mother & Father | Designed in Berlin & London UK (black) | BabyChamp (Baby Product)

    Bought this for my newborn son to make it easier to be a multi-tasking dad… am not as talented as my wife in doing this!! We’ve also got a nearly 3 year-old daughter and needed something practical to use over the summer when going to theme parks, outings, etc.

    The babychamp has been perfect for this, and my wife has also used when feeding him and doing other errands – having both hands free is under-appreciated!! 🙂 When I first saw the ‘instructions’ I was worried it might be complex, but it was actually really simple and the YouTube video was really helpful.

    Looked at a few options before ordering and so pleased with the choice I made. My son loves being snuggled in the wrap, and it’s made our lives as busy parents much easier. The material, colour and size are perfect.

    Would definitely recommend for parents or as a gift! Great price, great product.

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