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Best wireless chargers for iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and more

No one likes wires, and wireless charging allows us to put down our phones on a desk, bedside table or even a coffee shop counter to pump more power into them without having to plug in a wire.

The iPhone X[1], iPhone 8[2] and iPhone 8 Plus[3] all support wireless charging, while Android devices such as the Galaxy Note 8[4], Galaxy S8[5], Galaxy S8 Plus[6] and the US version of the LG G6[7] will all work with these pads too.

Some phones that don’t come with wireless charging built-in will also work with the pads below thanks to accessories, such as the Moto Z[8] range where you can buy a Moto Mod[9] to allow for wireless charging.

Below we’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite wireless charger options on the market right now, and each should work with all devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard. 

Some will also work with the competing standard AirFuel, which is a combination of PMA and AW4P tech, but we’ll note where that’s possible.

Mophie wireless charging base

Officially made for the iPhone[11] 8 and iPhone X

Specifically designed for new iPhone models
Small form factor
Only charges one device at a time

One of the new charging plates released alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X was the Mophie wireless charging base, which now allows for fast wireless charging speeds on those phones when you’ve upgraded to iOS 11.2 or above.

It has an attractive design and is very easy to use thanks to a great grip that will keep your phone securely on the charging plate. It’s not the cheapest charger in this list, but it’s also not the most expensive either.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

A cheaper alternative

Low price
Compatible with all Qi enabled phones
May need cleaning often

One of the more affordable fast-charging pads we’ve found comes from RAVPower and you can buy it right now to work with your Qi compatible phone.

The plastic rimmed design does mean it’ll often get dust caught inside it, so you may find yourself cleaning it more often than other chargers, but the upside is it offers good grip so your phone won’t move, and the fast-charging tech features are appreciated too.

The low price is the real highlight of the RAVPower charger though, as it’s much more affordable than a lot of other options out there at the moment.

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad

Another officially made for iPhone option

Sleek look
Removable wall adaptor
Larger design

Another option officially made in partnership with Apple, the Belkin Boost Up pad will work with any device that supports Qi wireless charging, but is specifically built for iPhone.

Fast wireless charging now works with this pad if you’re using an iPhone that’s running iOS 11.2 software and above. The Belkin is a bit larger than the two other wireless charging pads above on this list, but if size isn’t an issue for your desk or bedroom table, this could be a good choice as your way to charge up your phone.

Fonesalesman WoodPuck Bamboo Edition

A welcome change from plastic

Light and stylish
Audible charge notifications
May not work with thicker cases

There’s something deliciously anachronistic about wooden tech products, and the WoodPuck is a great example – people are always surprised that it can charge a phone. 

Despite the name, it’s made of sustainable tortoiseshell bamboo rather than a more traditional wood, which makes it handily light. It’s also not one of the giant panda’s preferred varieties, so you’re not depriving a bear of its tea.

WoodPuck uses the Qi standard and comes in a choice of two colors, Cappuccino and Espresso, to match your preferred aesthetic.

Ikea RIGGAD work lamp

Save space on your nightstand

It’s also a lamp
CM© USB port for second device
Very limited case range
Only one color option

If we asked 100 people what they keep on their bedside table, the top two answers would probably be a phone charger and a lamp. This Ikea design combines the two in a stylish, practical piece of lighting tech using the Qi standard.

It feels deeply futuristic plopping your phone on your bedside lamp and know it’s charging. It’s also really nicely designed: the lamp is mega-flexible, comes in neutral colors and has a handy non-slip cross to keep your phone on the right spot. What a bright idea.

Samsung multi wireless charging tray

Surprisingly stylish

Looks great with matching speaker
Charges three devices
No fast charging, even on Samsungs
Two phones look slightly awkward

This unusual-looking charger wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end tech boutique. Between its circular and rectangular charging sections, it’s capable of charging any two Qi devices wirelessly with a wired CM© USB port for adding a third.

Two subtle blue LEDs indicate the charger status of each pad, which shouldn’t be bright enough to disturb your sleep. However, the round portion of the tray is clearly designed for the wireless charging Bluetooth bottle speaker from the same product line, and looks a fair bit clumsier with a smartphone across it. If you happen to have the speaker, its night light feature plus this charging tray makes for a super-stylish nightstand combo.

Ikea NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad

Keep everyone off their phones at dinner

Charges four devices simultaneously
Too big to be portable
2m cable could be longer

OK, it’s more expensive than the lamp (and doesn’t have a lamp), but the Swedish supergiant’s other excellent offering in the wireless department can charge no less than three devices at once.

Oh, and did we mention it has a CM© USB port too? So that’s four devices, potentially covering the whole family (or one really dedicated gadget fan). As before, it uses the Qi standard and has a range of matching cases, as well as two design options: white and wood. This simple, stylish design is pretty much exactly what we’d expect from an Ikea wireless charger, but without a hex key in sight.

Or you can wait for this…

Apple AirPower charging pad

Later in 2018, Apple is expected to release its own first-party charging pad that will be able to charge all its wirelessly charged products at the same time.

It means you’ll be able to charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus alongside your Apple AirPods[16] and an Apple Watch 3[17]. If you own all of these, it should work simply and means you don’t have to pick and choose what you can place on the charger.

An exact release date for the AirPower charging pad is unclear, but Apple has said it will be released at some point this year so if you want to be able to pump up all your devices at the same time it may be worth waiting a while longer.


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Fast Wireless Charger,[New Version] Pictek Fast Charging Wireless Qi Charger Stand with 2 Coils,LED Indicator, 60° Ergonomic Design for Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge +/ Note 5 and Other Standard Qi-Enabled Devices
Pictek New Version Wireless Qi Charger Stand with 2 Coils,LED Indicator, 60° Ergonomic Design-Experience The Faster Wireless Charging Life

Safe and fast wireless charging
Update Version Fast Wireless Charger is 1.5x faster than standard wireless charging stand. It supports soft LED lights indicating, over current/voltage, Short-circuit protection, temperature control and foreign body detection, never overcharges, energy saving and environmental protection.
Wireless charging qi technology charging fever is normal. If charging suspension caused by various factors, this is a security function. Please feel free to use our products. Recommended indoor normal use at room temperature.

Super user experience design
1. Built-in 2 coils, which allows you to place your device in portrait/ landscape position. And your charger will no longer exist charging blind area, charging becomes more convenient.
2. 60° ergonomic design offers the best viewing angle, giving you a comfortable viewing. You can navigate videos, send messages or answer calls without interrupting while charging. (★Recommended not use while charging, for charging safely and faster full)

Two Fast Charge Models
(Tips 1: Fast Charge Mode ONLY compatible devices of BELOW 6 models)
Samsung Note 5: 2 Hours + 30minutes
Samsung S8: 3 Hours + 10minutes
Samsung S8+: 3 Hours + 40minutes
Samsung S7: 2 Hours + 20minutes
Samsung S7 Edge: 2 Hours + 55minutes
Samsung S6 Edge+: 2 Hours + 35minutes
(Tips 2: Regular speed-It will charge all the Qi-enabled devices at a regular speed(3-4 Hours)).
(Tips 3:The iPhone Require a additional Qi wireless receiver【not included】)

18 Months Warranty
All Pictek product have 18-month warranty and 45 days money back, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.

Package included
1x QI wireless charger
1x CM© USB Power Cable
1x User Manual


  • 【Intelligent LED Indicator & Superior Safty】Two soft LED lights indicate charging status (Blue for standby, green for charging), soft LED light protect your eyes. Featuring overcurrent/voltage, short-circuit protection and temperature control, never overcharges your battery or wastes energy. Security protection to ensure the safety of charging(It is normal that intelligent interrupt charging because of various factors). ★Recommended to charge after phone cooling.
  • 【Excellent Customer Experience】60 degree ergonomic designed bracket offers the best viewing angle of phone screen, giving you a comfortable viewing and use on desks or night stands. You can navigate videos, send messages or answer calls without interrupting while charging(No using when charging, for faster charging full). ★With silicone anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom to ensure charging stability and keep the phone safe and not dropping down.
  • 【Holder Stand & 2 Coils Design】Built-in 2 coils offer a wide charging area, which allows you to place your device in either portrait or landscape position. Much wider charging area, you can place your phone with a free position. No need for perfect alignment. 2 coils fast wireless charging, making your charger will no longer exist charging blind area, so that charging becomes more convenient.
  • 【1.5x Faster Wireless Charger】Up to 1.5x faster than standard wireless charging stand! Faster and more secure. Two models for wireless charging: (1)Fast Charge Model ONLY available for Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus/ Note 5. (2)Standard Charge Model(Output 5W Max) for other standard QI enabled device like Samsung S6,S6 Edge. ★Note:The iPhone Require a additional Qi wireless receiver(★Not Included)
  • 【What You Will Get】The New Version Pictek Fast Wireless Charging Stand with 2 Coil. All Pictek Fast Wireless Charger have 18-month warranty and 45 days money back, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed. ★Note: ★1) A Quick Charge adapter must be used for the power input. ★2) Stop any operation while charging. ★3)The iPhone Require a additional Qi wireless receiver(★not included).
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