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NOW Broadband launches with cheap deals starting from £18 per month

From a contract-free alternative to Sky television[1], to well-priced broadband and TV deal provider, and now the evolution in to one of the cheapest internet companies in the UK – it’s been quite a five-and-a-half years for NOW TV.

Today sees the launch of its new NOW Broadband brand, dropping the ‘TV’ from its moniker and signalling that internet deals aren’t a mere afterthought or add-on. And the inaugural promotional prices NOW is offering are really worth a second look.

The headliner is the £18 per month standard 17Mb broadband only deal, which matches Sky Broadband Unlimited[2] as the cheapest tariff on the market. Like all of NOW Broadband’s 12-month contract rates, there’s £24.99 to pay upfront, which includes activation and delivery of the router.

Click here to get NOW’s 17Mb Brilliant Broadband deal[3]

If you need something faster, then NOW Broadband’s fibre deals are also competitive, with £25pm for 38Mb and £35 for 76Mb (good, but not a patch on Vodafone’s £20pm and £24pm respectively[4]). And of course being NOW, there are special rates for broadband and TV package combos as well, with the option to add the NOW TV Entertainment Pass to any plan for an extra £4.99 per month.

NOW broadband is also bringing across its ‘no contract’ feature, meaning that you can pay an extra £35 upfront to avoid being tied into a 12-month contract. That could come in handy if you know that you’re set to move house in the coming months.

NOW Broadband – choose your deal:

Best broadband deals

NOW Broadband is very cheap, but you don’t have to take our word for it – take a scan through our up-to-the-minute comparison chart below (or on our main broadband deals hub[5]). You’ll see all of today’s internet prices in the UK, whether you want a cheap broadband only deal[6] or an all-singing all-dancing broadband and TV deal[7].


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