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The best Vodafone broadband deals in February 2018

We know what you may be thinking – “since when did Vodafone do broadband deals[1]?” Well it’s been around two years since the mobile phone network entered the rat-race of providing home internet and it’s proving itself to be one of the most cost effective exponents of cheap broadband on the UK market.

Vodafone[2] used to hold back its best deals exclusively for customers already with a phone contract. But now the company’s best prices on superfast fibre broadband[3] are available to all-comers.

If you already know the Vodafone internet deal you want, it’s easy to select it from our comparison tool above. But if you’re still deciding, then scroll down for more information about what it offers.

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Vodafone broadband packages compared – what broadband speed can I get with Vodafone?

Vodafone offers three different speed options, from standard ADSL to razor sharp 76Mb fibre broadband. What you decide to get will depend on your budget and home internet use:

Vodafone Unlimited Standard Broadband 17

This is Vodafone’s standard ADSL option with connection speeds of up to 17Mb (around 2.1MB per second). Existing Vodafone customers do get a better deal than others on this plan, as you’ll have less to pay upfront. But generally Vodafone doesn’t have very competitive prices on ADSL either way. Invariably in fact, it’s cheaper to go for its cheapest fibre option. Vodafone Unlimited Standard Broadband 17 includes:

  • Up to 17Mb speed
  • Ultra-Smart Vodafone Connect router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line
  • 6 months’ free F-Secure SAFE antivirus[10]

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38

This is where Vodafone broadband gets really interesting. Its superfast fibre package – Unlimited Fibre 38 – is one of the cheapest fibre broadband deals on the market right now. The monthly payments are super cheap and there are no activation or delivery fees to pay upfront. So pop your postcode in our comparison chart at the top of the page, to see whether your home can get Vodafone’s 38Mb speeds. Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 includes:

  • Up to 38Mb speed
  • Ultra-Smart Vodafone Connect router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line
  • Six months’ free F-Secure SAFE antivirus[11]

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 76

An extra fiver a month allows you to crank up the speed to a maximum of 76Mb (9.5MB per second). That’s money well spent if you have a house full of people all trying to use the internet at once, or have a penchant for streaming the latest 4K Ultra HD films and box-sets. Again, for the speeds you get, this is excellent value. Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 76 includes:

  • Up to 76Mb speed
  • Ultra-Smart Vodafone Connect router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line
  • Six months’ free F-Secure SAFE antivirus[12]

To sign up to any of these packages, you can head to the Vodafone website.[13]

Should I switch from my current provider to go for Vodafone broadband?

Wow, you must be really keen on these Vodafone bargains! And as if the the super low tariff and promise of free gifts weren’t enough of an incentive, Vodafone broadband will also give you £100 to break alliances with your current provider to cover any cancellation fees.

Before doing so, we’d strongly suggest speaking to your current provider first. They’ll tell you exactly how much your cancellation penalty comes to – and may even offer you a better rate to convince you to stay. We’d also recommend reading the exact terms and conditions to receive the £100 on the Vodafone website[14].

Can I add TV or call plans to Vodafone broadband?

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for broadband, TV and call plans from your home’s landline, then you’ll have to keep hunting. Vodafone doesn’t currently offer these add-ons (although Vodafone TV may not be far away…). Head to our best broadband and TV deals guide[15] and use the comparison chart to narrow down your ideal all-round package.

What is the Ultra-Smart Vodafone Connect Router?

This is the free router you get when you sign up for Vodafone broadband, whether that be standard ADSL or superfast fibre. You don’t even have to pay to have it delivered! You can control the router from your mobile if you download Vodafone’as app, which lets you see who’s connected and change your Wi-Fi password.

Another rather nice touch is that the router’s LED lights (which can often be something of an irritant out the corner of your eye) can be turned off, or only come on when you pass your hand over them.

How long will my Vodafone broadband contract last?

This is very straightforward indeed – all Vodafone broadband contracts last for 18 months. So if you’re adamant on only committing to your internet provider for a year, then you’ll have to continue your search for cheap broadband deals[16].

To transfer to Vodafone now, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the Vodafone website.[17]


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