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Tanky-support character Brigitte confirmed as new ‘Overwatch’ hero

Blizzard confirmed that Brigitte Lindholm, daughter to Torbjorn and squire to Reinhardt, is the 27th Overwatch hero, joining the game’s Public Test Realm servers on Wednesday, February 28. Surprising many fans that were expecting either a tank or a defense character, she is described as a support class hero (though one that skews toward tanks because of her connection to Reinhardt). Brigitte’s abilities take inspiration from both her father’s and her mentor’s abilities.

Like Torbjorn, she tosses out armor packs for her allies, though hers heal, if possible, and only then provide armor if the user is at maximum health. She also apparently heals her nearby allies while dealing damage with her main weapon, the Rocket Flail. Like Reinhardt, she swings her flail in an arc in front of her, knocking anyone in its path around.

Brigitte is an engineer, however, so as an added enhancement she can launch the head of her flail out to nail an enemy at distance in a nasty “Whip Shot”. Like Reinhardt, she also has a Barrier Shield that can absorb a limited amount of damage when raised, but hers only covers her body and anyone standing directly behind her, rather than the extensive coverage that Rein provides his team. With her shield up she can also perform a Shield Dash, charging forward to stun an enemy similarly to how Reinhardt pins people (though likely less damaging, and with a greater focus on the stun effect).

Her ultimate ability, Rally, gives her a temporary speed boost in addition to providing armor to all of her allies, which lasts until enemies damage it away.

Introducing Brigitte–an engineer turned valiant squire ready to protect her allies on the front line. Learn more @ https://t.co/JCSkZJGOzc pic.twitter.com/me59upxJYU — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 28, 2018

Brigitte’s origin story video (above) describes how growing up she was inspired by her father and Reinhardt’s stories of heroism, and how that desire to help manifested in her becoming a support engineer for the team, fixing their armor and developing weapons.

Eventually, she could no longer sit on the sidelines and felt compelled to join the battle herself. We see a moment of a young Brigitte doing padded weapon training with Reinhardt, explaining why she would take so much after him in battle. Blizzard began teasing Brigitte last week with a letter that many (ourselves included) interpreted to mean out next hero would be a newly mentioned Turkish man.

Leaks over the next few days, however, pushed community consensus toward Brigitte. Blizzard also included a few sly nods toward “Jetpack Cat,” a scrapped hero concept that the community has embraced. Brigitte is shown tinkering with a jetpack for her family cat in her origin video, leading many fans to hope that Jetpack Cat will actually make its way into the game, perhaps as part of Brigitte’s ultimate ability.

Even if not, it’s a fun example of Blizzard’s playful embrace of the community.

Brigitte is currently live on the public test realm and we’re thrilled to check her out.

She combines two beloved characters into something that sounds fresh, while also channeling the Crusader class from Diablo 3.

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