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Andrew James 4 Meal / Day Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder / Bowl with Voice Recorder Includes 2 X Volume Reducers + 1 X Adapter Tray (White Granite) – Top Reduction

Andrew James 4 Meal / Day Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder / Bowl with Voice Recorder Includes 2 X Volume Reducers + 1 X Adapter Tray (White Granite)
Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeders are a convenient and reliable way to provide REGULAR and REGULATED meals for dogs, cats and rabbits. Whether you’re spending time away from home or simply have a busy schedule, the pet feeder can make sure your animals are fed when they need to be.

Times – You can program the feeder to open up to four times in total, so your options range from 4 times in 1 day, to once a day for 4 days, and everything in between.

Portion size – Each of the four compartments has a 500ml capacity, so you can provide meals large enough for rabbits, cats and small to medium sized dogs. You decide how full to fill each compartment so you can control your pet’s calorie intake.

Bonus trays – You can use the provided 200ml volume reducer trays to give the impression of a full tray using less food. Also included is an adapter tray that is specially designed to hold disposable food pouches.

Ice Compartment – Keep wet food fresh by filling the hidden ice compartment with cubes. When the top cover is removed to expose this compartment, you can fill it with water and your pet can use it as a water bowl.

Voice Recorder – The built-in mic lets you record a message of up to 8 seconds, so your pet will know it’s dinnertime when they hear your voice. Construction – The feeder is made of a sturdy plastic and the lid is securely fixed so that curious pets can’t find their way inside.

Batteries – The pet feeder requires 4 x C size batteries, which are not included. A low battery indicator light will remind you to replace old batteries.

Cleaning – The pet feeder comes apart so that all the necessary parts can be washed, keeping it hygienic for your pet.


  • Cater to your pets needs at any time of day or night with this Automatic Pet Feeder.
  • Can be programmed to open at 4 different times, over 1 to 4 days, giving you flexibility.
  • Record a voice message of up to 8 seconds to tell your pet it’s dinnertime!
  • Ice compartment keeps wet food fresh longer, or alternatively can be used as a water bowl. Includes ice compartment.
  • Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Per Feeder is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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2 Responses

  1. Eamson says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Pink 4 Meal / Day Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder / Bowl with Voice Recorder Includes 2 X Volume Reducers + 1 X Adapter Tray (Misc.)

    First off, I’d like to point out I didn’t choose the colour, the wife did. Apparently because she’s a girl she’d care what colour her food bowl was (the cat, not the wife). Go figure.

    Anyway, getting beyond the garishness it’s a cool product. You can fit four meals in which stay chilled and you can record a message for your pet. I didn’t bother with that as, being a cat, she ignores everything I say anyway. I might try seeing if I can record the sound of her food pouch opening mind as she can seemingly hear that from a mile away…

    The instructions are fiddly but we managed to work them out eventually! One thing I will point out is that it says it’s for small pets, not specifically cats and the box has a dog and a cat on it. They’re not kidding because it’s dwarves our mog and she’s borderline obese! You can get a really large portion in each compartment and our cat easily got her whole head in when investigating it. Saying that this comes with two shelves which can make sections smaller.

    Last thing to note is that it needs C batteries (the big ones you used to use in stereos circa 1982). Not sure why I thought it would be plugged in somewhere but if you don’t read the product details properly like me then it may be an issue. It would have been given 5 stars if not for the fact it was a lot larger than I’d anticipated.

  2. Mr. R. K. Jones says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    This cat feeder was one of the only ones I could find online that had dedicated capability to program individual days into the machine. Essentially you get 4 timeslots with each one corresponding to a food tray in the machine itself. You can either set it to do four different times in a single day or multiple feeds on multiple days, or a single feed each day.

    I found the food containers to hold as much dry cat food as two regular cat bowls and as my two cats get two bowls of dry food between them each morning, this fit their feeding regime perfectly. It’s great for while we’re away, I have it set to feed them each day at 8am and a friend nips round every three or four days to top up the bowls. Both cats are happy to feed from it and the voice recording, while probably a gimmick, does sound off each time they feed.

    Why 4 stars and not 5? Two simple reasons:

    – The feed bowl does not align 100% with the lid on my feeder – this is probably me being a little OCD but it annoys me that it doesn’t line up properly (It’s almost there, but not quite).
    – The timer needs to be reprogrammed every time you switch the machine off. So you can set the timer, use it for a few days, turn it off and then turn it back on again with the same time set. You need to configure the clock / feed schedule each time which is a bit of a pain.

    Those things aside, it’s generally a good product and does what it sets out to. As we only feed our cats dry food (IAMs/Purina) we don’t have any requirement for keeping fresh food cool etc.. so I’ve not read up on that.

    Make sure you give your cat a good supply of water if you intend to leave it for any duration – we have one of the waterfall type water stations that manages to keep ours well hydrated for 3 or 4 days when it’s filled to the maximum so make sure you think about that if you do purchase.

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