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Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack – Reduced

Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack

Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack

Toast Everything!

With the Argentum Toaster from Andrew James you’ll find a new love for all things toasted. Starting with the basics, your bread can be toasted to perfection using the 6 browning levels and centering guards that keep each slice in the centre of the slot for even toasting. The wide 3cm slots let you toast even the thickest slices or use the warming rack to lightly toast buns, bagels and pastries for that ‘fresh from the bakery’ taste.

Don’t worry about the cleaning up after. This toaster features a removable crumb tray and wipe clean surfaces so your toaster always looks great.

Safety First

The handy anti-jam lever lets you get small and fiddly items from the toaster without burning your fingers. Once your toasting is complete the auto-off feature turns off the heat and there is a cancel button to immediately stop toasting if required. The Argentum toaster also features non-slip feet and a cord storage in the base to keep everything neat and tidy.

Hardworking Breakfast Set

Made from brushed stainless steel the Argentum toaster would fit in with almost any colour scheme. Get the Argentum Cordless Jug Kettle to complement your new toaster and create the ultimate stylish breakfast set.


Fast heating -Power 850 watt toaster heats up quickly so your toast is ready in a flash.

Even toasting – 3cm slots with centering guards lets items toast evenly regardless of their width.

Anti-jam lever – Easily get to smaller items without burning your fingers.

Warming rack – Use to lightly toast or warm all types of pastries, buns and bagels.

Removable Crumb Tray – Reduces any mess and makes cleaning easy.


  • 2 SLICE TOASTER & WARMING RACK — The sleek stainless steel Andrew James Argentum Toaster has a 2 slice capacity with a 3cm wide slot making it suitable with most bread types. This Toaster also includes a detachable warming rack which sits neatly on the Toaster and has cool touch handles. With the warming rack you can warm and lightly toast bread buns, pastries and bagels.
  • 850W WITH 6 HEAT SETTINGS & REHEAT FUNCTION — Get the perfect toast every time as our Toaster features 6 heat settings. Never burn your toast again with the cancel toasting button and don’t worry if you need to reheat your toast as the Argentum Toaster features a reheat function. This Toaster is low wattage at just 850W meaning it is much more economical than toasting bread in an oven or grill.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SILVER FINISH & CORD STORE — The Argentum Toaster is housed in a modern, stylish stainless steel silver casing which will sit perfectly in any kitchen decor, plus it’s really easy to wipe clean! Whether you keep your toaster on the worktop or in the cupboard the Argentum features a really handy cord store for the 85cm cable on the base of the unit.
  • REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY & ANTI-JAM LEVER — Sometimes crumpets and smaller slices of bread are difficult to retrieve from the toaster slot, however the Argentum Toaster features a lever which when pushed up raises the height of the slot, this allows the bread or crumpet can be removed easily. Within the base of the toaster there is a removable crumb tray, which can be easily wiped clean.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Argentum Toaster is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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3 Responses

  1. ArtMade says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack

    I love this toaster’s clean design, quality and performance – my gluten-free toasts never tasted so good!

    There is enough depth and width for any slice I have toasted so far. No problem with the thickness of the bread either, it fits nicely hugged within the adjustable guards. The control buttons on the side are well placed and plentiful, everything can be adjusted just as I like it.

    To add to the charm and usability, there is also the welcome bonus of a warming rack. I use it not only as intended, but also to warm my plate/s. Just a minute or so does the trick very nicely.

    I don’t usually write reviews, but this toaster has become a beautiful friend.

  2. Bocuma says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack

    I like it, but you can’t see the function buttons properly as the silver coat is so shiny and the icons are not coloured, they’re clear. You either have to find the right angle to view the printed icons on them or learn what they are by heart in order to operate them quickly. Other than that it’s a good toaster and I hope it lasts well.

  3. Andy Needham says:

    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Argentum Toaster With Warming Rack

    This toaster ticks nearly all the boxes, but there is one big disappointment. We find that most of the loaves we buy have slices that are too big to fit in the slot, so we end up trimming an inch off the slice before toasting! Never had this problem with other toasters.

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