Baby 1st Universal Best Baby/Child Car Seat cover/Protector Mat for Infant and Baby car Seats-1 PIECE – Special Price

Baby 1st Universal Best Baby/Child Car Seat cover/Protector Mat for Infant and Baby car Seats-1 PIECE
Mat Mate: The Baby Car Seat Cover Every Parent Must Have Why should you buy Baby 1st’s best seat protector? *Two Stage waterproof car seat cover acts as a barrier between your baby chair like Graco/Maxi Cosi car seat or your booster seat. *Protects from any damage caused by the hard plastic base of the baby car seat or booster seat. * high quality material *Won’t scratch your car seats *Pockets at the front of the Car Seat Protector * Foam padding on the inside provides comfortable cushioning *Non-Slip Car Seat Mat backing, preventing any unnecessary sliding about. *Installation is easy * easy to clean *universal car seat covers *2 pack car seat protectors act as full car seat protectors for leather car seats The Baby 1st Monster Mat really is the ultimate car seat protector mat. With its waterproof & washable fabric, it is so easy to care for. The Baby 1st Car seat cover works with all infant carriers, car seats and booster seats. The Mat Mate includes a strap and clip to secure the seat in place during use / installation. So, here’s what you’ll receive from us: ✔ Our promise to supply only top quality products ✓ 2 x Baby 1st Monster Mat Seat Protectors. ✓ 30 Day Money-back Guarantee – If you have any problems, please contact the email that comes with the product for any questions or service. ✔ Great customer care, we will be there for you, always! Click ☆Add to Cart☆ button NOW!

  • ✔PROTECT YOUR CAR UPHOLSTERY – Using our car seat protector mat means that you no longer need to worry about your car seats being ruined when you have children in the car. Baby 1st best child car seat covers are universal and cover both the seat bottom and the seat back and are fully waterproof creating peace of mind during all those snack-filled journeys. 2 PACK ensures no matter where the kids sit you will no longer need to worry about
  • ✔INGENIOUS “ANTI-SLIP GRIP” SECURES YOUR CHILD SEATS – Our baby/child car seat protector mat is essential for ensuring your forward or rear facing baby car seat stays securely in place on smooth slippery car seats. The ‘anti slip grip’ under the mat that rests on the car seat and the textured top means that you can have confidence knowing your child’s seat is safely and securely in place.
  • ✔ADDITIONAL HANDY MESH POCKETS – Front organizer storage pockets keep essentials in easy reach. Perfect for handy access to CM© toys, drink bottles and wipes while you are on the road. Toddlers love this feature and it helps keep the car a bit tidier and more organized
  • ✔ LOVE THEM OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Join the many parents investing in Baby 1st’s unique line of Essential, High Quality products and BUY today under our 30 Day 100% money back Guarantee! Be a FRIEND TO A FRIEND and to Baby 1st and receive 10% off all future purchases with us. We stand by our products and will NEVER leave ANY customer unsatisfied.
  • ✔DURABLE & EASY TO INSTALL – Flexible and with side slots, the car seat cover easily attaches to the head rest, so it will not slide around. This top-quality car seat protection is made using only the highest quality materials for the best results. Featuring premium Canvas as its main core and durable and water resistant PVC leather, it will withstand almost anything. Foam padding on the inside provides very comfortable cushioning! Making our car seat protectors your essential car accessories.

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