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Oh, Disney. So nice of you to let the rest of us exist in your universe — a universe that apparently plans to have Disney and Avatar movies trade off until … the end of time? That’s the gist of Disney’s release schedule announced this week, which pushed back James Cameron’s white whale of a franchise to 2021, while promising a ramped-up Star Wars release schedule (following a quick break after Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker) beginning in 2021.

Speaking of Disney, we also got a new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer this week that has all sorts of multiverse implications for the Marvel Cinematic Univers going forward. Also on the docket: It: Chapter Two’s first trailer, a first look at HBO’s Watchmen series, and much more. So tune into our live show here, on Twitch, or via Facebook Live and don’t forget to download the podcast from the links below to take Between the Streams on the road. Send us an email at [email protected] to join the conversation.

Between the Streams

Between the Streams is your weekly streaming guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment, providing a handy recap of the week that was and a preview for what is ahead. We tackle the best and brightest movies and TV shows coming your way, including way too many superhero movies — and we love it.

At Between the Streams, we take on the big issues of our times, like whether or not Star Wars is going to go off the rails in the next few years (probably), or why five seasons is the ultimate zenith for any drama that wants to go out on top (thank you, Breaking Bad). We’re just as happy arguing about whether or not Alf was a quintessential ’80s sitcom as we are pondering Hollywood’s increasing penchant for reboots and nostalgia-driven mash-ups like Stranger Things. In short, we’re all about the most awesome, water cooler-worthy entertainment subjects that happen each and every week.

We do the tough part so you don’t have to, digging up all the stories you need to know about each Friday in a fun and succinct weekly chat. So sit back, grab something to drink, and enjoy the ride. It’s all entertainment from here, and let’s face it, we could all use the break.

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