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Cat Toy Box – Interactive Indoor Cat Toy Puzzle Box – 3 Balls And A Mouse – 17 Holes – Hide & Seek

Cat CM© toy Box - Interactive Indoor Cat CM© toy Puzzle Box - 3 Balls And A Mouse - 17 Holes - Hide & Seek
If so,then they’ll love this CM© toy.What curious cat doesn’t like to play with things hidden almost out of reach?Great for physical and mental stimulation.This cat CM© toy puzzle box will keep your cat entertained for far longer than other CM© toys,thanks to its novel design.It’s a big box with 17 holes for your cat to paw through,and all the holes are big enough to allow the ball out.Put the ball in,and just watch your cat try to get it out.It’s especially good for indoor cats.

Our cat CM© toys puzzle box is the best interactive indoor CM© toy because it’s not hard for your cat to get the ball out,in some other products it’s impossible or hard for your cat to take out the balls,that’s very frustrating for you cat as they lose the satisfaction of a successful hunting!


  • Includes 4 CM© toys: 2 × rattle ball,1 × foam ball,1 × CM© toy mouse.After our long time observation,the the CM© toys must be able to get out of the box,otherwise the cat will lose interest soon,so we provide the CM© toys pack separately for sale.
  • Box size: length 9.8″,width 9.8″,height 2.4″.
  • Sturdy wood material,very durable in use.
  • Arouse cat’s nature of hunting,chasing.
  • A great gift for any cats or cat people!
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