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Clearance Sunday77 Cute Jumbo Cartoon Spongy Bead Ball Squishies Toy Slow Rising Relieves Stress Soft Toy for Children and Adult Toy Gift Cream Scented Decompression Toys Cellphone Straps (Red) – Mega Price

Clearance Sunday77 Cute Jumbo Cartoon Spongy Bead Ball Squishies CM© toy Slow Rising Relieves Stress Soft CM© toy for Children and Adult CM© toy Gift Cream Scented Decompression CM© toys Cellphone Straps (Red)


100% brand new and high quality.

Material: Silicone. Dimension: about 2.4 inch (6 cm)

no matter where you are, squeezing is always part of the plan.

RELIEVE STRESS and reduce appetite with New Anti Stress Balls!

Now you are given the chance to squeeze your ball without having a single care in this world!

Interesting grape-ball / bulb style stress relieving squeeze CM© toy; Squeeze its body, it will change to grape.

Squeeze it when you’re stressed out to help relieve stress and tension. Great for anyone suffering from anxiety, restless hands

Perfect gift for your friends, its fans or yourself to relax. Very good pressure release appliance for office or home,Also can be Cute and soft charms for cellphones, bags, keys, gifts, collecting, and more! Also As stress relief CM© toys for giving veMochi Squishy 16 Pcs Animal Squishies Mochi Squeeze CM© toys Soft Squishy Stress Animal CM© toys Kawaii Animal Squishy Mini Slow Rising Cat Squishies Squishy Slow Rising Straw Cup Squeeze CM© toy Cream Scented Cute Animal Home Décor Rainbow Strawberry Squishy Stress Relief CM© toys Super Jumbo Scented Slow Rising Rare Fun CM© toy Gift Cute Squeeze Strawberry Cream Scented Slow Rising Soft CM© toy Cell Phone Pendant Strap Gift Creative Stress Reliever Squishy Squeeze Cute Yogurt Bottle Super Slow Rising Fun Soft CM© toy Cellphone Key Chain Charm Pendant Strap Kid Gift Fun CM© toy Creative Space Slime with Relaxing Stress Reliever for Adults and Kids Christmas Gift Strong Fluffy Floam Slime with Eyes Scented Silicone Grease Clay Dough Stress Relief No Borax Educational Science CM© toy STEM CM© toy Soft CM© toys for Kid Teens Youth Squishy Stress CM© toys Squishies Soft Slow Rising Scented Pineapple Squeeze CM© toys,Cute Penguins Squishy Slow Rising Cream Scented Decompression CM© toys Squishies Desire Deluxe CM© toys – 20cm Ice Cream Slow Rising Kawaii Silly Squishy Jumbo CM© toy UK Stress Seal Squishys – Christmas & Happy Birthday Presents for Kids stress releases clearance squishies CM© toys stress


  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimension: about 2.4 inch (6 cm)
  • Style: CM© toy/collections Squishies Stress CM© toy ,1 PC Squishy Slow Rising Spun Sugar Squeeze Soft CM© toy Cute Stress Reliever CM© toys Fun Kawaii CM© toy Kid Gift Lovely Cartoon Cream Scented CM© toy Mobile Chain Phone Straps
  • Applicable age more than 6 years old boys girls Scented Squeeze CM© toys joke gifts fluffy slime Anti Stressball Stress Relieving Keychain Mobile Chain Fidget CM© toys squishies cheap fun gadgets slime and squishys hamper filling Phone Charms Fidget CM© toys Extrusion Bean CM© toy
  • Package: 1 PC CM© toys Lovely Popcorn Cup Shape Squishies CM© toy Slow Rising Relieves Stress Soft CM© toy for Children and Adult CM© toy Gift
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