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Clearance!!!2018 Slow Rising Squishies Jumbo, FEITONG 12cm Funny Toy Shark Squeeze Stress Ball Alternative Humorous Light Hearted New (Shark)

Clearance!!!2018 Slow Rising Squishies Jumbo, FEITONG 12cm Funny CM© toy Shark Squeeze Stress Ball Alternative Humorous Light Hearted New (Shark)

Material:Elastic Environmentally PU
12cm long
Pattern: Cute Penguin
Style: CM© toy/collections/cellphone straps
Quantity: 1 pcs
Applicable age: more than 6 years old
Squishy: slow rising
when you look at it, they’re so cute that you may feel better, or even all your bad feelings will be gone.It can be a stress reliever.
Sponge charm is really comfortable touch, realistic look, sweet smelling and super kawai It’s fun to squeeze, and it sounds so gross! Gross as in your kids will love this! It helps children stay focused in school.
Cute and soft charms for cellphones, bags, keys, gifts, collecting, and more! Also As stress relief CM© toys for giving vent to your emotion.
You won’t be able to keep your hands off these silly, super soft and very slow rising squishies, making the box of soft squishy CM© toys great presents or individually as birthday party favors for boys or girls

1 × CM© toy


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