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Croquet Set – Special

Croquet Set
This smart garden croquet set which includes mallets, hoops, pegs and instructions is ideal for the garden and perfect for children and general family play. It will get the whole family involved in a wonderful game of croquet! This Croquet Set has 4 brightly coloured wooden mallets and balls, sized perfectly for children. Also includes 10 metal hoops, 2 wooden start and finish posts. Packed in a mesh bag with a drawstring. Suitable for ages 3 +


  • Natural Coloured Wood
  • 4 x (78 cm x 15 cm) Wooden Mallets
  • 4 x (8 cm) Different Coloured Balls
  • 2 x (37.5 cm) Wooden Pegs for Start and Finish
  • 10 x (20 cm x 20 cm) Coated wire hoops
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