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Cusfull Vacuum Food Packing Machine Heat Sealer / Packer with 20Pcs Vacuum Bags – Reduced

Cusfull Vacuum Food Packing Machine Heat Sealer / Packer with 20Pcs Vacuum Bags
Warning:(Be sure to follow the warning matters in order to use this product safely and correctly.)
1. Don’t touch the wire with damp hands to avoid electric shock and short circuit.
2. Unplug the plug before cleaning and clean it with a small amount of detergent.
3. Disassembly and assembly are not allowed without the guidance of professionals. Don’t make additional design for it to avoid malfunction.
4. Don’t put it in damp and dusty places. Be sure to keep it dry to prevent fire and short circuit.
5. Be sure to use 220V power supply. If use other power, the machine will generate abnormal heat.
6. Don’t touch the heating wire to avoid short circuit and burn.
7. Store it in places not easily accessible for children to avoid short circuit and burn.
8. Be sure to cut one corner of the bag before put it in the microwave oven for heat.
9. Don’t shake or drop the machine.
10. Don’t put it near the stove and the gas cooker to avoid fire.
11. If not use it for a long time, be sure to unplug the power cord.
12. Don’t plug several machines on one outlet and work at the same time.

* Size of 360*54*50mm (14.17″*2.12″*1.96″), lightweight.
* Low noise and on button operation, easy to use.
* With 2 high performance magnets on the back to adsorb on the refrigerator.
* 20 free vacuum bags included, eco friendly material, safer to use.
* Easy to use, clean and store.

1. Please let the machine rest for 3 minutes after 10 times use.
2. It can seal the ordinary plastic bags. Aluminum bags or kraft paper bags can not be sealed.
3. It vacuums only the vacuum bags with strips on inner surface.
4. Usually use for dry cargo, fruits, meat etc.

Package includes:
1 * Manual
1 * Vacuum packer
20 * Free vacuum bags


  • 【On sale from now to 30 Mar..】2 in 1 Machine – Can be used as bag sealer and vacuum packing machine. Vacuum storage and saving space design to reduce the chance of food spoilage. Keep you food fresher for longer.
  • On Button Operation – Very simple manual operation with one button. Sealing for ordinary plastic bags or vacuum packing on using specialized plastic bags in few seconds. 【Please don’t seal over 10 bags one time, it will damage the machine.】
  • Easy to Store and Clean – With sealant strip which can be unpacked and cleaned easily. With 2 high performance magnets on the back which allow you to store the machine on the refrigerator.
  • Low Noise – Designed with feature of low noise, low power consumption and solid structure. More comfortable and solid to use, help you to economise money and time.
  • 20 Free Vacuum Bags – Shipped with 20 free high quality vacuum bags, made from eco friendly material, oil resistance and high/low temperature resistance, easy to be vacuumed.【Kindly Note: Please Read the Using Method and Precautions before Using.】
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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Cusfull Vacuum Food Packing Machine Heat Sealer / Packer with 20Pcs Vacuum Bags (Kitchen & Home)

    I was worried about the heat seal as some said it wasn’t very good but mine is working great. I want to give it 4.5 stars because I just want the heat seal sometimes without the vacuum. You can just seal but the vacuum will go off first ( even if it isn’t taking hair out the bag ) I just feel its an unnecessary use of power. Otherwise its great.

    EDIT: thanks to someone helpful in the comments i have found out you can seal without the vacuum! Thank you so much!

  2. Terri says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Cusfull Vacuum Food Packing Machine Heat Sealer / Packer with 20Pcs Vacuum Bags (Kitchen & Home)

    I am returning this is the bag sealing element does not work – rather annoyed as I’ve just bought 2 rolls of the plastic bags and cannot use them.

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