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Far Cry 5 best price at Tesco Vs Currys Vs Asda

If you are looking to buy Far Cry 5 to play this weekend, you are probably searching for the best Far Cry 5 price online in the UK as there are many options to consider. We have had a quick look around the usual places where you will find the cheapest price to see which retailer is currently offering the best price on the game. At the time of writing, it looks like Currys is the place to buy the game as they are offering Far Cry 5 for a stunning GBP40.99 on either PS4 or Xbox One and online orders are valid too.

Just to compare that to the Far Cry 5 price at Tesco and Asda, both supermarkets are offering the game for GBP46 as they have price matched each other. So far nobody else has matched Currys so if you are looking for a good price, buy the game for GBP40.11 here whilst stocks last as we have a feeling that the price may change soon. Have you seen a better price for Far Cry 5 that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know.

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