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Google finally killed its Finance pages — and everyone hates the new look

Last year, Google announced that it was working on a revamped version of its finance page, which removed the portfolio feature. Many users were not happy with this change, but there was a workaround in place. Users could access the old finance page by navigating to https://finance.google.com/finance.

That itself has now changed, and the URL redirects users to the new finance page. User response has been less than kind. There is currently a change.org petition in place requesting that Google bring back the old finance page.

As of the time of this writing, it currently has about 700 signatures. The petition was started two weeks ago, but appears to be picking up steam. The #Googlefinance hashtag on Twitter is faring no better, with the vast majority of users expressing their dislike of the page’s new look and lack of features.

Next, could you make #GoogleFinance more useful by deleting the absolutely horrible redesign and giving us back the vastly superior previous version?

— Patty Bodeo Vintage (@PattyBodeo) March 30, 2018

@sundarpichai So disappointed with the new #googlefinance. #Google please bring back the old format!!! I don’t say this lightly, but whoever was in charge of the new Google Finance should be fired.
Lost potential. It is almost as though they had zero understanding of their users.

— Gopinath J (@salemgopi87) March 30, 2018

The new #GoogleFinance sucks!! Big time!!! How can a company like #Google accept such an absolutely useless load of crap?!?

I am guessing there is some politics behind this. There’s got to be an app or a website that is benefitting from the disaster that #GoogleFinance is now! — Dimitre Tchalamov (@DTchalamov) March 22, 2018

Many users were also discussing moving to new platforms, with both Wikinvest and Yahoo Finance suggested as potential alternatives.

For our advice on some of the best stock trading and finance apps on iOS and Android, check out our guide. In addition to a simple distaste for the new look, many users are upset over the removal of key features from Google Finance. One of of the issues that gets a lot of complaints is the loss of the ability to create and download stock portfolios.

Many users have complained that the loss of portfolios was simply change for the sake of change.

Google has not yet publicly commented regarding the changes made to Google Finance.

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