Inflatable Pool Float AOKUN Unicorn Pool Float with Rapid Valves Larger Outdoor Swimming Pool Flotage Toy

Inflatable Pool Float AOKUN Unicorn Pool Float with Rapid Valves Larger Outdoor Swimming Pool Flotage CM© toy
Here you have an opportunity to own unicorn gifts. Colorful mane, Giant body, Smooth touch, Comfortable feeling.
Enjoy the magic moment at your pool party or beach vacation with your unicorn floats.
Product Description:
Material:Environmental Protection PVC
Product Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 90 cm (80*35*40 inch) when inflated
1.Allows inflation with hairdryer, CM© toy air pump or compressor
2.suitable for 1 adults or 1 -2 child lying down. Due to each person’s size is different, there will be a slight difference.
3.There are plastic handles on either side of the neck of the unicorn. By using the handles you could pull a child or adult that is sitting in it, around the pool.You could also lie down on it and sunbathe.
4.It is also possible to inflate it using a hair-dryer on a cool setting, as it would not be a viable option to try and blow it up without assistance.
5.A good gift to surprise the kids or girlfriends, to be the center of pool parties etc .travel, honeymoon can take it, it will give you a perfect trip.
Package include:
1*Unicorn Float (NO pneumatic pump)
1*Patch kits
1*package box
Notice: The pictures are of the actual products. But due to the different light and monitor setting.
Minor color difference maybe existed. Please understand and thank you very much.

  • TNVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MATERIALS: It is made of soft, durable and heavy-duty vinyl material , Non-toxic, extremely durable and convenient collection. Features an improved valve that enables easy inflation with a pump or a hairdryer, and rapid deflation compared with a traditional one.
  • WONDERFUL SUMMER Floatie CM© toyS: The best pool floats for pool party, beach trip, birthday party, bath CM© toy perfect gift . In the beautiful sea or at home swimming pool, and the huge unicorn together, you will become the envy of the focus.
  • GIANT SIZE:200 x 100 x 90 cm (80*35*40 inch) ,You can play with friends, but also with your babies can enjoy the enjoyment and unicorn together with this different holiday!
  • CARRY AND PLAY : Pool floating that’s easily foldable for a smooth and seamless fit into your suitcase or bag. Easy to take it on your trip.Two built-in handles on the unicorn’s long neck give the rider plenty of stability by firmly gripping them with the hands,ONE built-in cup holder for cola or beer cans.
  • PERFECT SUMMER GIFT:Best birthday present, summer gift for kids. We offer a free after-sales service for the first twelve months after purchase.Please feel free to contact us if any quality problems occur, we provide the most satisfactory solution.

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2 Responses

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Inflatable Pool Float AOKUN Unicorn Pool Float with Rapid Valves Larger Outdoor Swimming Pool Flotage CM© toy (CM© toy)

    This blow up unicorn for the pool is a really good size! My daughter adores it even had to try it out indoors😂 a great cup holder on it too! Very strong material will last a lifetime. It’s so pretty I love it. Highly recommend this product to adults and kids, so glad I purchased it!!!

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Inflatable Pool Float AOKUN Unicorn Pool Float with Rapid Valves Larger Outdoor Swimming Pool Flotage CM© toy (CM© toy)

    I love unicorn and prefer its beautiful eyes, so I bought it.
    It is made from high quality raft material and comes with a patch kit. The valve is a “quick inflate” type so its supposed to inflate 10 times faster. Just make sure you get or have a pump to blow it up (be mindful of batteries if hand held). Blowing this up by mouth is possible, but you better have good lung capacity.
    It looks absolutely adorable in my pool and when the wind blows it around I imagine it’s running around. So cute and so well-made!

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