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JR Ultra Purus Slow Masticating Juicer. Worlds Slowest 30rpm Rotation (Premium Silver)

JR Ultra Purus Slow Masticating Juicer. Worlds Slowest 30rpm Rotation (Premium Silver)
The JR Purus slow masticating juicer is truly at the cutting edge of juicing design and performance. This sleek and ultra slimline juicer has been created using the most advanced patented technology with you in mind. Slim, reliable, quiet and premium quality, the Purus has been designed to create the purest possible juice from the widest range of ingredients, including leafy greens, all whilst being much easier to use and clean. Rotating at only 30rpm, the Purus is the slowest rotating juicer in the world and is a true leader in juicing innovation. Slower rotation means a better quality juice, at 30rpm, the Purus is in a world class of its own creating a much healthier and purer juice and another reason to show that JR Juicers are some of the most premium juicers you can buy. Styled to look like no other juicer, the Purus looks incredible with its beautiful, slim and elegant design that will grace anyones kitchen. One of the slimmest juicers you can buy, the Purus is again the only juicer in the world to use the more reliable and durable AC motor in such a slim body. No other juicer has achieved this. The Purus is the slimmest most reliable vertical slow juicer available. Created with only the very best materials and technology, the JR Purus is completely BPA free, uses the toughest ULTEM materials and has a full 5 year warranty on the motor with 2 years on all other parts. If that wasn’t enough, the JR Ultra Purus is again the only juicer in the world to feature a completely next generation 3 in 1 double blade auger and filter which is called the advanced extraction system. Put simply this means that extraction is better and with less parts than other juicers, assembly is easier and cleaning is much quicker. At only 50dB, Purus is incredibly quiet and included is an extra attachment for making 100% frozen fruit sorbet. World class, premium technology in a sleek slimline juicer much more affordable than other high end juicers. What more could you ask for?


  • Website special offers www.juicyretreats.com for more information. PURUS MEANS…UNRIVALLED PURITY. The Purus slow juicer has been designed to achieve the purest possible juice. The revolutionary patented technology inside the juicer achieves a rotation of only 30 revolutions per minute. This is the slowest rotation of any juicer in the world meaning that the juice it creates is fresher, purer, healthier and full of more nutrition and live enzymes than any other juicer.
  • PURUS MEANS…NEXT GENERATION SIMPLICITY. The Purus slow juicer’s patented next generation 3 in 1 auger and filter like no other. The 3 in 1 auger is the only internal part to be cleaned making cleaning and assembly much quicker than conventional slow juicers. The fully Ultem plastic auger also has an ultra fine mesh screen which creates a much smoother juice than conventional slow juicers.
  • PURUS MEANS…BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED. The Purus slow juicer by JR is made from only the very highest quality materials. The auger and filters are made from only the very best Ultem plastic and stainless steel mesh. The juicing bowl is the highest quality Tritan plastic and fully BPA free for added piece of mind. The metallic edges and unique matte colour finish give the juicer a real premium look and feel to match the premium performance.
  • PURUS MEANS…WHISPER QUIET RELIABILITY. The Purus Slow juicer by JR Ultra juicers is a world leader in patented innovation and design. Using what is called a Planetary Gear System, the Purus is the only slim line juicer in the world which can use a superior ultra reliable AC Motor. The Purus slow juicer takes all of the reliability and juicing efficiency of larger, bulkier and heavier juicers and condenses it all down into one slimline, sleek and incredibly quiet machine.
  • PURUS MEANS….ADVANCED EXTRACTION. The patented advanced extraction system on the Purus slow juicer is truly unique. The only juicer in the world to feature a 3 in 1 system with a next generation double bladed auger making this juicer truly one of a kind. Juice fruits, vegetables, greens, salads and many other products with incredible ease. Make delicious home made nut milk and even use the included extra filter for mouth watering 100% frozen fruit ice cream.
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3 Responses

  1. Name Withheld says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JR Ultra Purus Slow Masticating Juicer. Worlds Slowest 30rpm Rotation (Premium Silver)

    Amazing juicer easy to clean and giving a nice quality of juice.

    I have received it a week ago and been using it every morning, brilliant!!!

  2. MrsClooney says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JR Ultra Purus Slow Masticating Juicer. Worlds Slowest 30rpm Rotation (Midnight Matte Black)

    I’ve been juicing for many, many years and researched masticating slow juicers for some time before being seduced by the 30 RPM that this model offers. I wanted quality but couldn’t quite afford to stretch to the price of the premium slow juicers that retail between £400 – £600. The marketing claims of giving the “cleanest” juice aren’t wrong. I was absolutely staggered by just how very clean it was when I first used it. The juice seem so “thin” compared to what my previous juicer had been producing. Absolutely no pulp whatsoever, no bits, nothing but the kind of consistent, well blended, well balanced juice professional juice bars produce (that you pay up to £5 for a tiny cup). Whilst I haven’t noticed a higher juice yield for my produce, I have noticed a higher PULP yield! I am very impressed by the quality of the juice it produces, and the fact that it is still fresh and “alive” with enzymes hours later, enabling me to juice in the morning and drink throughout the day.

    The feed chute is narrow, so some time needs to be invested in chopping fruit and veg, however I personally do not mind this. Making my juices (or smoothies) is a labour of love for me. I have friends though that would have a problem with this.

    Once your produce is ready, you need to keep a regular conveyor belt type flow going for feeding the machine. It seems to be that whatever you feed through pushes the previously inserted food down through the auger (meaning you are left with a little food at the end that isn’t processed properly. To counteract this, I feed through some of the pulp that has already come out of the machine). Its also a very quiet machine, although you will get squeaking noises coming from the auger when items like ginger and celery is pushed through at high quantities.

    The pulp is pleasingly dry for some produce (i.e. I do all my carrots in one batch before I do anything else – the pulp comes out as perfectly grated carrot, which I catch, seal and put on my salad later). For leafy greens such as kale and spinach etc its a little bit wetter I notice, however it still performs the job better than any juicer I have owned/tried.

    Washing the machine can be fiddly. The pros are that it doesn’t have hundreds of small bits that need to be dismantled. The con is that, although the parts are few, there an issue with getting the last bits of pulp out of the pulp spout. Even with the cleaning brushes that comes with the machine, it takes longer to do this than dismantling and washing all the other parts. The only way to get these bits out is to blast them with fast water from the tap, the risk of which is a blocked sink in future perhaps.

    All in all, I am pleased with this machine, and am glad I made the investment. I am “serious” about juicing and anything that promotes good health, and feel that anyone else that shares this same ethos will also find the JR Ultra to be a worthwhile investment.

  3. ReeshDeLaReesh says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JR Ultra Purus Slow Masticating Juicer Silver. Worlds Purest 30rpm Rotation (Supreme Red)

    Love this juicer! I did some research before purchase, and some trusted juicers on social media led me to investigate JR Ultra Purus, and I’m glad they did.
    I’ve been using the juicer for a week, and I’m extremely happy with it, it is beautiful in design, and superb in juicing. Easy to use, and remarkably quieter than I expected a slow juicer to be. I made the right choice.
    Have recommended it to my close friends, who are impressed by it too. Five star.

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