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niceEshop Delicate Artifical Colorful Mushrooms Aquarium Plant – Cut Price

niceEshop Delicate Artifical Colorful Mushrooms Aquarium Plant
Warm notes:
1: Put directly in your tank, plant in sand, or press with pebbles.
2: Special for fish tank & Aquarium, no any toxic or damage to fish or live plants.
3: Provide shelter for nitrobacteria.

Simulation plants – easy to use, durable, beautiful, clean, harmless to fish!

The simulation aquarium plants are all made by safe plastic which are healthy and won’t do any damage to waters. It is really wise to choose this plastic plants as decoration to your tank. On one hand, the fake plant looks the same beautiful as a real one. It is hard to figure it unless by an expert. On the other hand, it is hard to take good care of real plants. There are high requirements for Light intensity, Carbon dioxide concentration, feeder’s level, etc. It will costs lots of money as well as effort.
So all in all. Plastic plants is a better choice for those fresh Aquarium hobbyists who have no much time.

Package include:
1 X Lotus Leaf Mushrooms Aquarium Plant


  • Perfect collection stands 4.3 inch tall, suitable for small tank. If you have larger tank, 2 pieces or more will recommend.
  • Material: silicone. It includes 9 pieces colorful mushroom, which create Stunning Natural environment for your adorable fish
  • Weight: 115g. Equipped with strong suction cup, can stick to anywhere in tank.
  • Adapt to both fresh and salt water, durable, fade-resistant, no-toxic and easy for daily washing
  • Notice of use: Once got the plant, put it in fresh water for about 2 days. Take out and let it dry. Then put it in your tank. It will be tidy and looks better.
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