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Quiver Black Card Game Case PU Leather with Double Zipper, Dividers, Wrist & Shoulder Strap

Quiver Black Card Game Case PU Leather with Double Zipper, Dividers, Wrist & Shoulder Strap

With its roomy interior, handy dividers & TWO carrying straps, our stylish Quiver Card Case gives you an easier way to organize & transport your game cards.

Love playing Magic: the Gathering, Cards Against Humanity (CAH), Yugioh & similar games? Now you can keep your game cards (or sports cards) neatly organized and easily carry them anywhere…with our premium Quiver Hard Case.

This Handsome Case Offers:

• Water-resistant hard exterior made of durable PU leather
• 4 sturdy acrylic separators to organize your card decks
• 5 Velcro dividers to compartmentalize your cards
• Convenient mesh pocket to safely store accessories
• Cushioned corner pads to protect your cards against bending
• Water-resistant double zipper to keep it all secure
• Elegant metal logo plaque
• Great for collectible sports cards, Pokemon cards and others

Plus 2 Straps (Included) for Comfortable Carrying

Use the handy wrist strap OR the adjustable shoulder strap to easily tote your cards to gamer gatherings.

More Room for More Stuff

Unlike other cases, our Quiver Card Case provides maximum storage capacity space (when empty) for:

• 1,350 unsleeved new cards OR
• 770 sleeved new cards OR
• 625 double-sleeved new cards OR
• 8 Ultra Pro Deck Boxes OR
• 6 Pro-Deck Boxes OR
• 7 Legion Card Boxes + 30 sleeved cards OR
• 3 Satin Tower Deck Boxes + 70 sleeved cards

FREE Bonus: 100 Card Sleeves

Your Quiver Case also comes with 100 transparent sleeves, perfectly sized for all standard game & sports cards.

Feel Good About Your Purchase

With every Quiver Case order, we donate to provide board & card games for orphaned children.

Order Risk Free!

If you’re unhappy with your Quiver Card Case, return it anytime for a money-back refund. There’s zero risk, so add to basket NOW!


  • SPACIOUS & VERSATILE: Your Quiver Card Carrying Case holds over 1,000 unsleeved cards – as well as card decks, most deck boxes, poker chips, board game supplies & more…
  • KEEP CARDS NEATLY ORGANIZED: Simply use the sturdy acrylic separators, Velcro dividers & removable corner pads to sort & store cards for easy access.
  • EASY TO TOTE ANYWHERE: Hands full? With the adjustable shoulder & wrist straps (included), carrying your cards to all your gamer gatherings is a snap.
  • HELP KIDS IN NEED: With every Quiver Case order, we donate 1 £ to provide board games for orphaned children.
  • 3 YEARS GUARANTEE: If you are ever unhappy with your Quiver Card Case, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked!
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2 Responses

  1. Rob G says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Quiver Time Playing Card Case for Trading Card Games TCG (CM© toy)

    I love this item, and was very happy to find it’s Vegan. It has a hard case that can take some abuse with out harming the cards in side. It clames to take 770 sleeve cards and maybe that true at a squeeze but if you want to easerly take them in and out or look though them then best to keep it below 700. Can’t comment on the sleeves that come with it they are a diffent brand to what I uses and only comes with 100. I recomend picking up a 500 pack Fantasy Flight Games Standard European Board Game Size Sleeves.

    More costly then I wanted to spend but you realy do get what you pay for with this item. Only thing I would say is I would love a longer vertion of this item. Edit: It’s gone down in price well worth it for it’s current price.

  2. Name Withheld says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Quiver Time Playing Card Case for Trading Card Games TCG (CM© toy)

    Expensive? Perhaps… but it still didn’t deter me from buying it as the reviews were/are very favourable, 1 month in and I’m still glad I bought it, it definitely has a very premium feel to it, if there is any disappointment to be had, it would be where’s the rest of their range?? As I understand it this is the only product they sell.

    One of my main concerns was the far ends of the case, obviously the price was an initial eyebrow raiser, but when I looked into the cheaper similar alternatives, the reoccurring feedback on them was that far ends narrowed in too much, therefore bending your cards and warping them. None of the feedback for the Quiver had any issues like this, also, in the FAQ section, it mentions about the Quiver being suitable for top loaders which put my mind at ease – as my cards are in top loaders and they increase the size of a single card quite a lot.

    I can confirm there’s been no bending or warping of my cards at either end of the case, probably because they actually provide you with ‘corner pads’ to help prevent this from happening. As mentioned above I use top loaders, mine in particular are the BCW make and 3″ x 4″ size, I play the recently released Lightseekers TCG, so I have 6 decks of 36 top loaders (216 in total), impressively, they all fit in the case with the provided velcro separators, with spare space for another possible 18 top loaders I reckon, it is a VERY snug fit but I see this as good thing as there’s no sliding about etc…

    Even with so many top loaders in there, I assumed there would be no room in the mesh pocket found on the inside of the lid, but nope, plenty room still to slip accessories in there, honestly this is one serious premium and practical case! I’m very impressed and I hope they will expand their catalogue of products in the future.

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