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Romote Cartoon Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can,Birthday Gifts Toy Gifts for Kids (Black) – Special

Romote Cartoon Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can,Birthday Gifts CM© toy Gifts for Kids (Black)
Use Guide:

To open the safe, you first need to enter a four-digit password. Safe default password is: 0000
Follow these steps to use safe:
1. Enter the four-digit password, and green lights. If you enter the wrong password, the red light will be lit, and will issue “PLEASE TRY AGAIN” voice tells you
2. Clockwise knob, opened the door. Green light for about 10 seconds, you will hear the creak of the door opening. If the door is open for longer than 10 seconds, the green light is off, and beep sound once every 20 seconds. To stop the beep, you can close the door
3. Banknote banknotes into the mouth, the bill can be directly admitted. Then press the password can withdraw money
4. When you are finished, close the door lock is good
Change the password, follow these steps:
1. Enter the current password (default 0000) to open the safe door
2. Hold the “*” button down, both green and red lights flash
3. Within 15 seconds, enter the new 4-digit password, press “” to confirm to store the new password. Light stops flashing
Note: If the new password is not entered within 15 seconds, the program will stop, you must restart the program
4. Release the “*” character button and close the door

Warm Note:

1. This “MONEY SAFE” is recommended for the ages 6 and up, not suitable for under 3 years old as the CM© toy is electrical and mechanical
2. More detailed information and cautions, please read the use manual carefully

Package Includes:

● 1 x ROMOTE Panda Cantoon Bank
● 1 x English Use Manual

★Choose ROMOTE, Enjoy Healthy Life! ★

Package Including


  • This “MONEY SAFE” guards your personal stuff. Use the sale to store things like your paper money, play jewelry, baseball cards or playing card. The coins slot at the top lets you use the safe as a piggy bank.
  • Automatic Paper Money Scroll: Put the paper money on the Scroll, it can be rolled into the machine automatically.(But it doesn’t work if the paper is too old or too soft)
  • Rotary Switch: Enter the correct password then the light turns green, the ATM can be opened. (You CAN NOT rotate the switch if the password is wrong)
  • Password Key: The default password is 0000 ,you can change to another 4 digits password. If you forget the password, just take out the batteries and restart, the password returns to 0000.
  • Material: Environmental ABS plastic Size: L*W*H: 19*13*12 cm (7.4*5.11*4.72 in) Product net weight: 660g(23 oz) Power by Battery: 3 AA batteries (Not Included)
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