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Shark HV380UK DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Charcoal Grey – Reviews

Shark HV380UK DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Charcoal Grey

DuoClean Technology

Most vacuums have only one brush roll to cope with everything. DuoClean goes one step further and has two brush rolls (one soft and one bristle) that work together on both carpets and hard floors to provide a thorough clean without having to switch brush heads. The soft one comes into direct contact with hard floors to remove any stuck-on dirt as well as fine and large dust and debris, while simultaneously restoring your floor’s natural lustre. And the second, stiffer bristle brush cleans deep into carpet fibres to extract embedded dirt and hair.

Converts to Handheld

Quickly and easily converting to a lightweight handheld vacuum, it will get to work on stairs, upholstery and your car, or allow you to clean up around light fittings and ceilings with ease. Crevice and dusting tools are included so you can fit the right one for the job.

Easy to Manoeuvre

With enhanced swivel steering, LED lights and a generous 8 metre flex so you can get around without having to constantly unplug, this lightweight machine is really easy to manoeuvre from room to room and can get right under furniture too.

Foam and Felt Filters

Both filters are removable and can be rinsed under the tap then air-dried to freshen them up.

Compact Storage

In a slim design that’s easy to store, it can also be wall-mounted by using the included hook.

Accessories Included

  • Dusting brush
  • 14cm crevice tool with on-board hair removal tool
  • On-board tool clip
  • Wall mount
  • Accessory bag

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

26 x 34 x 120cm H. 4.3kg. 8m flex. 600W.


  • DuoClean Technology – Unlike conventional vacuums that use one brush bar, DuoClean gives you 2 brush rolls working in unison
  • Triple Particle Cleaning – Cleans 3 different types of dirt from your floors and carpets: Large, small and stuck on particles
  • Advanced Swivel Steering allowing you to Manoeuvre Around and Under Furnitur
  • Converts into a handheld with extended reach for above floor cleaning
  • Includes 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty (when purchased new from manufacturer or authorised dealer)
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2 Responses

  1. Bad_Ape says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Shark HV380UK DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Charcoal Grey (Kitchen & Home)

    This is a super stick vacuum, it sucks up so much more than our Henry Hoover did. I have a very thick carpet in one of the rooms that basically hates vacuums but this Shark tackled it no problem at all. I have long hair so those of you who also do will know what I’m talking about when I say: I checked the roller out of curiousity and EURGH, I could have made a wig out of what the Shark picked up. The rollers come out easily when you want them to with a press of a few buttons and they even give you a hair cutting tool thing to clear the roller brush. The only reason it has lost a star is that it most definitely is NOT as light as the adverts on telly make it out to be. If you have shoulder or elbow injuries, this is not for you, all the weight is on the main unit at the top and you can’t transfer the weight anywhere. Don’t get me wrong this is so much easier to manoeuvre than Henry Hoover, and going round corners and under chairs etc is an absolute breeze; it basically turns itself for you, however you need to be able to hold the main unit constantly and as if independant from anything else. This is true even if you’re vacuuming the floor let alone holding it above your head to do spider webs/curtain rails etc.

    Having said all that I wouldn’t trade this in for our old make of vacuum ever. Being a stick vacuum it doesn’t bash into all the corners and walls when you’re turning into different rooms unlike a drag around vacuum and emptying straight into the bin is a doddle. I can take it upstairs and vacuum the stairs with ease, no more trying to cart a massive unit to the top of the stairs and back down again. There’s lights on the front of the floor bit and the handheld bit so no matter which way you’re using it you can see where the dirt is. I didn’t even know I needed this until I had this, it wasn’t ever a case of “I must buy a vacuum that lights up where I’m vacuuming”, but now I have it, it’s a brilliant idea!

  2. GML says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Shark HV380UK DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Charcoal Grey (Kitchen & Home)

    Love love love it! I’ve never been excited by a vacuum before but this Shark has it all. It’s so simple to assemble and disassemble to change functions, empty or remove filters and brushes for cleaning. It’s so lightweight and it really does want to ‘run’ away while you’re vacuuming. Like a puppy pulling on a leash! I rented a holiday villa in Florida last month and it had a full size Shark which i used a couple of times and was very impressed by how light weight it was and how easy it was to change accessories. So when I decided to get a new vacuum for carrying to clean my own rental properties I started looking at the Shark range and chose the corded stick vacuum so didn’t have to waste time waiting on any battery recharge. (I now notice Shark have introduced a duel battery cordless model. So so clever). I’ve been a Dyson devotee since they 1st came to the market and I currently own 2. 1 Dyson ball for downstairs (too heavy to lift upstairs), so I bought a Dyson cordless stick vacuum for upstairs. Both of which I love. But…… having just purchased this corded Shark stick vacuum I’m wondering if Dyson has had its day as in my opinion, the Sharks are circling! 🦈

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