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Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in CM© USB – Red

Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in CM© USB - Red
Features:CM© USB direct input, ZAPPIN technology, Quick Charge, aluminium housing, Sound Effects:Bass Boost, Equaliser:Yes, Flash Memory:4 GB, Sound Output Mode:Stereo, Recharge Time:70 min, Run Time (Up To):23 hour(s), Battery:Player – rechargeable, Battery Enclosure Type:Integrated, Display Illumination:Yes, Built-in Display:OLED, Connector Type:Headphones ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ) ¦ CM© USB 2.0 ( 4 PIN CM© USB Type A ), Features:PC Connection via CM© USB, Equalizer:5-band, Headphones Type:Headphones – binaural – in-ear, Sound Output Mode:Stereo, Connectivity Technology:Wired, FM Preset Station Qty:30 preset stations, Radio Tuner:Digital radio tuner – AM/FM, Additional Requirements:CM© USB 2.0 port


  • Distinctive design with aluminium finish
  • Bass Boost function for low-end power
  • 4 GB capacity for around 900 songs
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • 3 minute quick charge
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2 Responses

  1. cassa says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in CM© USB – Black (Electronics)

    I’ve been buying these Sony Walkman MP3’s for years now.Always loved how compact the device is, yet with a great quality of sound. I preferred the older design with the round control dial and the button that let you skim through the music, along with the LED’s that flashed in time with the music. Nostalgia ! But, latest ones are ok and work just as well. It’s easy to sync your music library across to it. The Sony syncs the music files in alphabetical order and that’s how it re-plays them. However if you go into the music settings on the device you can set it to play on shuffle. This sets the tracks to play at random. The Walkman doesn’t take very long to charge up via the CM© USB on your lap top, Hi Fi or a CM© USB charger plug. It’s a good player that lasted years .I think Sony could offer up more choice of colours though !

  2. Jess Porlock says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in CM© USB – Blue (Electronics)

    Like many other users I bought this to replace my previous model which I had had for many years. Like them, I too was disappointed. The design is still as poor as ever with listeners having to sift through a pointless index which ostensibly divides music into all sorts of sub-categories only after you have found the music file from a menu of operational programmes.The good news is that the hold button is in a place where it won’t activate accidentally as before although it’s all still very small. Unfortunately Sony’s big plus- the sound quality is now gone. A loss of overall volume is replaced by distortion if you try to turn it up too much. I used both this machine and the previous model in my car attached to a sound system and the background noise on this one is far higher for much less sound output. Since Sony’s selling point in this field is it’s sound quality I can no longer recommend this model – it’s trading on the brand name and has insufficent quality anywhere in it’s production to justify the name or your money.

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