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TNP Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable (12 Feet) Home Theater Fiber Optic Toslink Male to Male Optical Plug Wire Cord

TNP Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable (12 Feet) Home Theater Fiber Optic Toslink Male to Male Optical Plug Wire Cord
TOSLINK is a standardized optical fiber connection system. Also known generically as an “optical audio cable” or just “optical cable”, its most common use is in consumer audio equipment (via a “digital optical” socket), where it carries a digital audio stream from components such as CD and DVD players, DAT recorders, computers, and modern video game consoles, to an AV receiver that can decode two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio or compressed 5.1/7.1 surround sound such as Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio or S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format).|Digital audio is popular among users with high power speaker systems. Compared to analog audio signals through stereo cables, there is no interference for digital audio. This is the reason why most HiFi systems prefer digital input (or coaxial).|Toslink inputs are commonly found on modern AV receiver, soundbar, and some high-end desktop speaker, and studio monitor speaker.


  • Compatible with most A/V components with Toslink interface to deliver quality audio connectivity; Gold-plated, molded connectors with strain relief ensure a solid high quality connection between the connected devices
  • High performance versatile cable delivers cleanest possible signal even at extreme volume levels; Accurately transfer high bandwidth frequency quality detailed clean natural pure audio sound with realism and clarity jitter-free audio & S/PDIF format signals
  • low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber and connectors to dampen vibration and enhanced internal noise rejection giving you clearer, deeper bass and eliminate strand-interaction distortion; Solid-core bass conductor optimizes low-frequency signal transfer for improved bass response for the ultimate listening experience
  • Heavy shielding allows for a maximum audio quality; reduce distortion and signal loss; minimizes return loss, so music, dialogue and sound effects are always clear, dramatic, richly detailed in excellent signal quality
  • For use with: Samsung LG Sony TV, Apple TV box, DVD Bluray player, DAC, DAT recorder, CD player, soundbar speakers, PS4 PS3 XBox 360 game console, AV receiver, computer sound card, audiophile quality home theater cinema HiFi system and more
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