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Akku-Schermaschine für Pferde, Masterclip Showmate Horse Clipper in Pink – Reviews

Akku-Schermaschine für Pferde, Masterclip Showmate Horse Clipper in Pink
The Masterclip Showmate is a lightweight cordless horse trimmer that comes with two rechargeable batteries. Weighing in at only 225g, this pocket sized trimmer is ideal for show preparation around the face, perfect for removing whiskers and tidying up under the jaw and around the ears. The Showmate comes in a smart aluminium style box for easy storage. Also included are a set of ceramic blades and four comb attachments, offering a variety of cutting depths, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm & 12mm. PLEASE NOTE: This horse trimmer is not to be confused with our heavy duty horse clippers that are recommended for all over body clipping and dense coats, such as the Masterclip Ranger, Hunter and Rambo clipper, all of which are powerful, heavy duty horse clippers.


  • Cordless rechargeable horse trimmer with 2 batteries
  • 30 mins clipping time with each battery
  • Lightweight ceramic titanium blades
  • 4 Comb attachments
  • Full 1 Year Warranty – Leicestershire based after sales care
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