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Amazon smart security packages soften smart home setup learning curve

Amazon tends to mix splashy, colorful product launches such as the Echo Dot Kids Edition with quieter introductions. The retail juggernaut’s gradual incursion into the residential security marketplace represents the more measured approach. Amazon’s five smart security packages also signal a wider shift for selling to the smart home market.

Techies and early adopters may find joy installing and configuring multi-component smart home systems. For mainstream consumers, however, staring at a pile of small white component boxes and a card with an installation link is often a “So now what?” moment. In early 2017, Amazon announced a smart home consultation and installation service in conjunction with iDevice.

The Amazon Smart Home Services Store popped up online later that year. Consumers could book appointments to have Amazon experts come to their homes to answer questions and install smart home devices, CNN Money reported at the time.

Amazon Smart Home Services

As of this writing, Amazon’s smart home security packages are available in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Florida. The packages may not be available at all locations in the listed states, as this writer discovered while browsing security package options.

A “not available yet in your area” message popped up with an opportunity to be contacted later. So one reason for Amazon’s smart home security program quiet introduction is clear — why make a big introduction for a product and service you can only sell in parts of the country? When most areas in the U.S. are ready for the security product and service packages, Amazon will likely make a bigger splash.

Amazon’s five smart security packages involve two visits by Amazon employees — the first is to identify needs and help you configure and order the system. After delivery, another Amazon expert shows up at a scheduled appointment time to install and configure the devices and show you how to use them. The five security packages include the components and installation in one price.

There are two packages for outside protection: the £240 Outdoor Base package has indoor and outdoor security lighting plus an Echo Dot, and the £490 Outdoor Plus adds a video doorbell. Whole-house security bundles start with the £575 Smart package, which includes an Echo Dot, a video doorbell, motion and contact sensors, and a siren. The £840 Smartest package adds safety sensors, an interior camera, and outdoor lighting.

The £320 Indoor Base home security package for renters includes entryway sensors, real-time alerts, and a live interior video feed.

Indoor Base is the only package that does not come with or require an Echo Dot.

After your Amazon smart home security system is installed, there are no further monthly service fees — a significant difference from traditional residential security systems.

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