Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks – Set of 2 Accessories Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens

Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks - Set of 2 Accessories Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens
Wave goodbye to irritating soggy bottoms and improve how your food cooks with the Halogen Oven High and Low Racks by Andrew James. The racks lifts food off the bottom of the bowl, and allows hot air to circulate around and under whatever you are making – reducing cooking times and providing an even heat distribution.

The package contains one high rack and one low rack, and they are suitable for any 10-12 litre halogen oven, although they are perfect for the Andrew James model. The low rack is 2.5cm tall, while the high rack is 8cm tall. Both are 25cm in diameter.

About Andrew James

Andrew James is a family-owned manufacturer and online retailer. The company was founded in 2005 by two cousins, when their passion for family dinner parties inspired them to start a business supplying unique and innovative kitchen and home gadgets.

After achieving success with their first product – the ‘raclette’ grill – the cousins went on to add more and more fantastic products to the Andrew James range, and the company now stocks over 700 different appliances, tools, gadgets and accessories.

No longer limited to the kitchen, Andrew James also supplies pet products, home accessories, sports and fitness products and garden equipment – visit the Andrew James shop to see the full range!

  • SET OF 2 HALOGEN OVEN RACKS – The Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks has been especially designed for use with Halogen Cookers to improve the quality of your bakes.
  • HIGH AND LOW 25CM RACKS – The set includes a high rack (8cm) and a low rack (2.5cm), both of which are 25cm in diameter and will fit most 10-12 litre halogen ovens.
  • HOT AIR CIRCULATION FOR EVEN COOKING – By lifting your food away from the bottom of the bowl and allowing air to circulate fully your food is cooked more evenly, no more soggy bottoms!
  • GREAT FOR ANY BAKING – Use your racks to cook cakes, pies and pizzas in your halogen oven. Use as Accessories, Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Shop in confidence, the Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks are covered by a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Name Withheld says:

    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks – Set of 2 Accessories Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens (Garden & Outdoors)

    I bought these as replacement racks for my halogen oven as the originals had become discoloured by the food. I mainly use the high rack for grilling bacon, burgers, sausage etc. After a few weeks the top rack also started to discolour and looked like the finish was coming off so I was reluctant to put food directly onto the racks. Not sure if there is a solution to this but don’t feel like I want to keep reordering new racks every few months.

  2. avatar gilliebrazil says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks – Set of 2 Accessories Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens (Garden & Outdoors)

    These are great I have bought loads of these so that myself and my family have spares. Andrew James is a good company and I bought every cooker from him too (4 in all ) for myself and my grown up children. When they left home they could not manage without one so I bought them all from this company. I have not been disappointed and spares are readily available which is not always the case. I would recommend buying from this company and I will be buying more in future.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Andrew James Halogen Oven Racks – Set of 2 Accessories Parts and Spares for the 10-12 Litre Ovens (Garden & Outdoors)

    I am always forgetting that these cannot go in the dishwasher!! Consequently, I have washed off the coating and rendered the rack useless. This is my 3rd purchase and hopefully I won’t make the same mistake again. The cost is great for 2 racks, but I only wanted one, so it’s a shame as I don’t use the high rack often and now I have 3 of them. The racks fit all halogen ovens but I actually have this brand. I recommend this item.

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