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BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box (Pack of 120) – Top Reduction

BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box (Pack of 120)
Pack consists of:
-54 ball pen blue Ref 022101202 [Medium 1.0 mm tip, (22, 20 black,, 6 red, 6 green)
-14 Ref 022101202 [4 colours medium 1.0 mm tip, ballpoint pens (10, the original 4 Grip)
24 pack of Matic original HB 0.7 mm tip
-8 correction to Mini Pocket Mouse Dry in 5 mm wide x 6 metres in length
Pack of 8 highlighter chisel tip YELLOW grip, with 1.6 to 3.4 mm
-3 permanent marker – Bullet Tip – 4.95 55, 1.4 mm Pack of 1 Blue, 1 black, 1 red)
-1 Pocket 1445 Black Permanent Marker Bullet Tip Line Width 4.2 mm, 1,1 mm line
-3 dry wipe marker pens Velleda 1701 Bullet Tip 4.95 mm, 1.4 mm Pack of 1 black, 1 blue, 1 red)
+ 9 items:
Ref 022101202 [3 retractable ballpoint pens Blue Atlantis soft medium 1.0 mm tip,
-2 Ref 022101202 [Ballpoint Pens 4 colours shine Medium 1.0 mm tip,
-2 Retractable Ballpoint Pens Atlantis Exact 0.7 mm nib 0.3 mm PACK OF 1 BLACK, 1 blue)
-2 (box of 21 g.
Assorted colours.


  • My BIC Box is perfect for small businesses looking to consolidate all Stationery needs in one convenient carton
  • The BIC Box is perfect for any Stationer who is interested in re-sale, each of the 120 units is barcoded
  • My BIC Box contains 120 pieces of Stationery including Pens, Pencils, Correction, Markers, Highlighters & Glue Sticks
  • Each Box is separated by product segment so is easily sorted once opened
  • The Box contains a selection of bestselling BIC products
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3 Responses

  1. ShammyB says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box (Pack of 120) (Accessory)

    Good product, too few erasers and tipp-ex mice for a business, but suitable for students

  2. S Divine says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box (Pack of 120) (Accessory)

    I’ve recently started my own limited company as now seemed the right time to start one; I have money in the bank for continuity, plus office space has become very cheap (as low as thirty a week with internet, heating and lighting thrown in where I live; Yorkshire).

    Anyway, the big point here; the cost of buying things as you need them is good in principle, but you have to spend the time itemising everything for both costs and VAT. So the reason to buy in bulk is not just to get a nice box. Its also to minimise HMRC paperwork over every damn pencil and eraser you purchase with petty cash!

    That said, running a small business makes one very aware of costs so I thought I would itemise the total cost of a Bic BOX vs buying separately through Amazon (so every office manager in every office doesn’t have to do the same!).

    The calculation is at the bottom of the review, but the headline value is as follows; the saving of buying the Bic BOX vs buying all the items separately at best unit price on Amazon (excluding Select and Save pricing) is a massive 39.98.

    So you save forty quid!

    As a small business not only do you save on petty cash/reciept handling time, but you also get a 40% discount over buying loose, plus you get a tidy box to put it all in. You may make some saving by buying only what you need rather than a Bic BOX, but IMHO that saving goes down as soon as you get beyond 2-3 people in the company.

    The only downside here is that my calculations would not work for household use; the dynamics there are different and you would waste some of the items. Many items in the Bic Box are not suitable for school or as general household items (dry markers, Tip Ex, etc), which would reduce the saving.

    Still, if I was a kid, I am sure myself and my brothers would have loved this box as a gift for the new school year. Perhaps not so good for our parents as we’d be, um, imaginative using the items we didn’t really need for school!

    Breakdown of prices if the Bix BOX items are bought separately.

    Quantities shown as e.g ‘4 (3)’ as the number you would get if bought separately at best unit price vs how many you get in the Bic BOX.
    I have ignored the Amazon Subscribe and Save prices (which are typically a few pence cheaper than listed below)..

    Crystal Original Pens: 20+7 free x2 (54) @11.08×2
    Bic Original 24 (20) @3.72
    Bic Velleda 4 (3) @4.94
    Bic Colours Original 9 (10) @2.49×3
    Bic Colours Grip 3 (4) @6.67
    Bic Colours Shine 3 (2) @5.00
    Tipp Ex Mouse 10 (8) @11.30
    Bic Hightlighter Grip 10 (8) @10.32
    Bic Atlantis Exact 3 (2) @7.72
    Bic Atlantis Soft 4 (3) @6.33
    Bic Glue Stick 2 (2) @5.00
    Bic Marking2000 4 (3) @3.35
    Bix Marking Pocket 2 (1) 3.99

    Total price of buying the Bic Box separately as of June 2017: 97.97
    Total saving of buying the Bic BOX as of June 2017: 39.98

    I could not exactly identify some of the items as separate packages. In particular, I had trouble with Bic Atlantis (its quite a large range, containing both pens and pencils).
    I have picked the most cost effective unit price rover exact quantity matches. Main reason for this is that it is always cheaper to buy as a blister pack of 3 or 4 rather than buy exact quantities via single item packs. That is why the numbers in the Bic BOX never match up with the alternatives I chose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box (Pack of 120) (Accessory)

    I think this is a handy little box with pretty much everything you could need in a starter pack and more. Also handy on work trips away wth the office to bring instead of having to make up a ‘stationary box’ – I’ll definitely be encouraging to get keep a couple of these in as its a good base and then can be added to and topped up as you gradually use pieces.

    The box itself I wish was stronger – it’s quite a thin cardboard – it is sectioned out which is handy into all the little compartments but as it becomes less full I can imagine it being vulnerable to getting squashed and ripped and the contents having to be transferred to another box!! But it does it’s job.

    The contents are useful and contain several standard Bic Biros, some posher and nicer to hold ballpoint pens, permanent markers, whiteboard marker, Biros with 4 interchangeable colours, Tip-Ex mouses (which are great, don’t dry out, aren’t wet and much easier to travel with than actual Tip-Ex) highlighters (although they’re all yellow) and and retractable pencils which I’m personally not a big fan of because I find they break quite easily but handy to have pencils with rubber in this set – which basically for our needs is more than enough and this set covers everything.

    Value wise I don’t think it’s bad and for easiness is worth it – if you’ve started up a new business or you need some additional Stationary Boxes for trips etc then these are incredibly handy and saves you forgetting anything! All i’d add to them would be the usual scissors, staplers etc…!

    Recommended. Very handy and compact. Nice small size but packed full!

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