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Black Temptation A Set Of Two Random Color Clockwork Children’S Toys-Dolphin – Limited Price

Black Temptation A Set Of Two Random Color Clockwork Children'S CM© toys-Dolphin
Ships from Hong Kong.This is fancy and fashionable CM© toy. It can cultivate children’s interest and broaden children’s horizons.Great for individual play,or sharing and swapping with friends.This CM© toy is super cute and safe. environmental friendly. Help kids to develop baby’s hand-eye coordination ability. And also encourages your baby to crawl and walk,It is a good gift for your children.


  • Product Size: 8.5*6*9cm (3.3*2.4*3.5inch)
  • Material: plastic, safe
  • Practice hand-eye coordination,improve imagination and creativity.
  • The high-end atmosphere CM© toy.Perfect for your cute, smart child
  • Note: Children under the age of five need to be accompanied by their parents.
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