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Brinzy Select – WIN GNTL SAL, Luchtverfrisser RVS – Mega Price

Brinzy Select - WIN GNTL SAL, Luchtverfrisser RVS
Product Data: Article number: 4241- Material: Stainless Steel with Anti-Fingerprint coating, with 1 ml Mesh lid height: 275 mm Width: 110 mm Depth: 80 mm Weight: 1.5 kg Warranty: 5 years after the date of purchase of application: Wall Mounting filling: 1 Gel Rubber (Blue Note, sun green or grapefruit diffuser for mounting in wall), with cylinder lock and key wings. with slant top and wings left window below the aroma in the fall Gel Rubber through a fan of uniformly distributed in the space. Requires 2 standard PC is LR20 batteries (not included) with opening in the top for optimal distribution aroma. 1 dispenser is suitable for 40 m3. Suitable for the Nachfüllungen Blue Note, sun green and grapefruit. Description: Odour awakes the emociones. if a space enter smells bienresuelve This in their guests equality of a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and the comfort of a feeling, also can cause in your visitantes. This air freshener is a gain for each área. it is programmable with the intervals of time, avoid that desean. so spend desperdicio. your toilet is of Monday to Friday only, or only no problem, because this model between 10.00 and visited 14.00? Can be adjusted in terms of days and horarios. well smells pleasant to your toilet space to the times 1 The aroma that you want Gel Refill (Gastronorm, that have a low VOC content, is released in evaporation of geles. also want to enjoy a pleasant odor Special Toilet? Call us immediately and ask this diffuser, the batteries and the gel refill (Gastronorm.


  • Brushed stainless steel
  • For wall mounting
  • Battery operated (batteries not included).
  • The fragrance is distributed through a fan in space
  • Candle Refills: article number wi000013
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