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CAIWEI Video Projector 1080p 4200 Lumen, 200″ Widescreen HD LED LCD Projector Home Theater Cinema 1280×800 TFT Display Full Color for Backyard Party BBQ Movies, Work with TV PS3 PS4 DVD Phone, Black – Reduced To Clear

CAIWEI Video Projector 1080p 4200 Lumen, 200
All-New LED Technology. Features with upgraded LED source technology
•Updated lumens, as old customers’ request, we had updated our projector’s brightness to 4200 lumens but keep its high resolution 1280 x 800 native, focus more on image details
•No flickers, no popping, no image distortion will happen to our projector due to our more stable power circuit.
•Clear image without inflicting the same optical harm as TVs, laptops, and tablets.

Why this CAIWEI video Projector can won so much trust?
– -Nidec oil bearing fans and updated cooling system with updated wind dust,creates much higher heat dissipation efficiency
•Loud noise?
–Adopts double tube cooling technology, fan sound will be cut in half with noise suppression. No annoying noise.
•Serious Lag?
–60Hz refresh rate, absolutely enough to play games smooth and watch movies without lag
•Poor Built in speakers?
–Most of other brand projector only has one built in speaker, but for our model, there has two high quality 5W speakers, well save your money in buying an external speakers.. this model also has RCA port to connect your own speakers if you want
•No HDMI Cable?—we provide

Upgrade Design for larger screen in shorter distance:
•Projection Distance: 1.8-6.6m
•Projection Size: 50-200 inch
•Shuffle freely between 16:9 and 4:3
•25 level zoom function, you can reduce the screen size 1.12X to fit with your screen

Low Power Consumption – Energy saving and environmentally
•Power waste: 60W≈16h Video≈1kw/h (power consumption less than one-third of TV)
•Support wide range of Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Support Format
•Audio: MP3/ WMA/ MP4
•Image: JPEG/ BMP/ PNG
•Video: MPEG1/ MPEG2/ MPEG4/ H264/ MOV/ FLV/ VC1/ DIVX/ RMVB

•1x Projector
•1x AV Cable
•1x 4.9 FT VGA Cable
•1x 4.8FT HDMI Cable
•1x 4.9FT AC Power Cable


  • ★Brightness is the most important parameter as for home theater projector. For other brand’s low lumens projector, even in a totally dark room, the image will be uneven, unreal and blurry for its poor light sources. But Our hot sale 5.8″ TFT LCD Display Screen projector with MAX Resolution 1920×1200, 4200 Lumens High Brightness, 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio willl project crisp images for indoor outdoor entertainment, real HD.
  • ★Tablet experts: 2 HDMI ports to connect your PC, computer, and TV box, 2 CM© USB ports for your CM© USB flash driver or hard Drive. This Video projector can connect other devices like camera, smart phone, tablet,PS3, PS4, XBOX, WII, Blu-ray&DVD player, etc. Free& Fast speed HDMI cable is included. You also can connect your MHL or Digital AV Adapter for android phone/iPhone’screen mirroring.
  • ★Plug and play, just need one CM© USB, you can enjoy 17 years of private movies: play your CM© USB device(support up to 32G) or external hard drive (supports up to 1TB). No wifi , that’s ok. No external speakers? That’s ok, too. The built in dual powerful 5W speakers have won much praise. Hi-Fi level musical effect, no external speakers are needed.±15° vertical keystone correction can help you easily adjust the images. 3 different kinds of projection modes:Rear /Front /Ceiling are supported
  • ★Super Color Technology:Ultra Board Color Gamut, 16.7 Million Full Color, delivers Superior Picture Color. Adopt Bridgelux Original LED light, more light beads for much higher brightness, presenting super richer colors and crystal clear image. Wide angle projection lens, designed for getting larger projection size from 50″ to 200″ at 6.56-16.4FT, freely shift at aspect Ratio 16:9 to 4:3, supporting almost all popular video
  • ★1-Year Warranty & High Quality Assurance: High Efficiency Ventilation Design, largely upgraded the Stability and Durability, Low LED Power Consumption, can work for over 50,000 hrs. 1 Years Warranty. Hassle-free Return in first 2 months. Premium Customer Services and Lifetime Technical Supports, 24 hours mail response service: [email protected]
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3 Responses

  1. JJR1957 says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CAIWEI Video Projector 1080p 4200 Lumen, 200″ Widescreen HD LED LCD Projector Home Theater Cinema 1280×800 TFT Display Full Color for Backyard Party BBQ Movies, Work with TV PS3 PS4 DVD Phone, Black (Electronics)

    I have just taken delivery of this projector and I am amazed at the picture quality, the projector is very well made and quite heavy so I wouldn’t class it as portable, but no problem to set up as CAIWEI customer services emailed me with a list of clear instructions before the projector was delivered. There are plenty of connection options located on the back of the projector 2 x CM© USB 2 x HDMI L/R RCA IN L/R RCA OUT as well the keystone adjustment control knob and 2 x 5 watt internal speakers, I have not used the internal speakers at all, preferring to play sound through my stereo amplifier. To focus the projector is easy, you turn the lens ring +/- at the front. When in operation the projector housing does not get hot this is due to two internal cooling fans, the fans are a bit noisy but no worse than any of the other projectors I have owned, there is screw adjustment on the back right hand foot and button on the front panel to move the front foot up or down for leveling the projector on a shelf or stand, a plastic lens over cap is provided for keeping the lens clean when the projector is not in use, and there is a removable dust filter net on the air intake under the front panel. The projector has plenty of settings you can select from using the remote control supplied with the unit IE: picture quality brightness/contrast/colour, flip picture, 2 setting picture size- ratio: the sound settings have a number of options including an equaliser & input selection etc I have the projector connected to my music system via an RCA cable and have connected a casting HDMI device to watch music videos, films, you tube, sport wirelessly using my android phone, the projector has a 4200 lumen light output and can be used in a dimly lit room, but performs better in a darkened room with a screen. CAIWEI customer service communication is very good, you can message them through Amazon if there are any problems or need help setting up, and you have the option to buy a spare lamp if needed and unlike some companies they will give you detailed instructions on internal cleaning procedures if and when required, overall I am very pleased I purchased this excellent projector and if you are looking for a good quality easy to use projector, this unit is worth considering,

  2. Mark says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CAIWEI Video Projector 1080p 4200 Lumen, 200″ Widescreen HD LED LCD Projector Home Theater Cinema 1280×800 TFT Display Full Color for Backyard Party BBQ Movies, Work with TV PS3 PS4 DVD Phone, Black (Electronics)

    I didn’t have hugely high hopes for this given the reviews, general internet reviews and price, however it turned out to be excellent.
    The first one had blobs all over the projection which I assume was dust inside, so I sent it back, this is a review of the replacement I got.
    I only wanted it for PC projection so used the VGA connection which was very poor, it only offers 1280 x 800 or something like that. A short while after, the seller mailed a proper manual (the one in the box is a quick start) which explained the HDMI input is proper HDMI 1920 x 1080, so I tried that and hey presto. It is difficult to focus 100%, but given it’s for films rather than PC (and to be fair I did read somewhere it’s not recommended for presentations) that would not be an issue. I have found I can get about 80% of it completely in focus, then the outside edges are just slightly out but not so bad you can’t read the text on a PC output at 1920 x 1080. I find you can watch it in the day, not full sun but normal daylight although it’s dim like when the sun shines on the TV screen which is fair, with the curtains closed or at night it’s excellent. The fan is quite noisy but it’s not bothered me really. I didn’t really try the other bits, the speakers aren’t that great but they never were meant to be. I would recommend the supplier put the full manual in the box or post it on the website however, then people can see how it works properly before purchasing, had I not received the email I would have sent it back.

  3. Mr. A. Statham says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CAIWEI Video Projector 1080p 4200 Lumen, 200″ Widescreen HD LED LCD Projector Home Theater Cinema 1280×800 TFT Display Full Color for Backyard Party BBQ Movies, Work with TV PS3 PS4 DVD Phone, Black (Electronics)

    Totally pleased with the projector as it performs extremely well and even in a well lit room. Sound quality is excellent from the 2 built in speakers and the fan noise is hardly noticeable even when sitting next to it. It will be moving with us to the Philippines next spring for evening film shows under the stars which is the reason we bought it.

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