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CYBEX Pallas-Fix, Toddler Car Seat Group 1/2/3, Grey Rabbit – Dark Grey

CYBEX Pallas-Fix, Toddler Car Seat Group 1/2/3, Grey Rabbit - Dark Grey
Fix car seat Pallas 1-2-3 Gray Rabbit group Cybex.

Two seats in one – the CYBEX Pallas-fix can be used for more than 11 years. In group I, the car seat is equipped with a revolutionary adjustable shield that looks like an airbag. The forces generated in a collision are distributed throughout the shield and reduced its materials capable of absorbing impacts.

For children 3 years or more, a simple conversion turns the seat in Group Headquarters II / III, the CYBEX Solution X-fix already rewarded for testing. Compatible also with vehicles not fitted with the ISOFIX system.

The forces generated in a frontal collision are distributed in the shield and absorbed by its materials specially designed for this purpose. This system resembles an inflated airbag and helps to significantly reduce the impact forces in a crash. The harness does not hurt the child, while the head, neck, shoulders and sensitive internal organs are protected.

The unique adjustable shield (patent pending) adapts perfectly to the body of the child, providing him with maximum comfort and offers more freedom of movement in the upper body as well as maximum security, particularly in cases side impact, compared to the conventional harness integrated into five points.

The seat grows with the child and can be used for more than 11 years. By using Group 1, the adjustable shield acts like an inflated airbag in a collision and protects against neck injuries without being restrictive.

For children from 3 years ago, the seat can be easily converted into a seat of 2/3 of the series Solution Group.

The linear system of protection against side impacts (L.S.P. System) systematically absorbs the force generated by a side collision with a series of linear reactions


  • Group 1/2/3 car seat suitable for 9-36 kg (9 months – 12 years)
  • The depth-adjustable safety cushion provides comfort without restricting movement and makes for very good air circulation
  • Patented head protection prevents the head from dangerously rocking forwards and backwards during sleep and provides more comfort
  • ISOFIX Connect for extra stability and safety. The locking arms can be easily repositioned.Length 453,width 550,height 715 in mm
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2 Responses

  1. Mistyange says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CYBEX Pallas-Fix, Toddler Car Seat Group 1/2/3, Purple Rain – Purple (Baby Product)

    I bought two of these for my little granddaughters as I do not like babies/toddlers in harnesses. The seats are well padded and so comfortable. It is easy to get the girls in and out of the car seat which are held in place by the seat belts in the car. This seat can be used up to 11/12 years of age too so will last them a long time too. Comfortable headrests. Well padded and the safety information is great and according to the Amazon site is an award winning car seat. The seat is fixed on an isobar base fitting……
    The seat can be reclined. All round the girls are comfortable and safe… I would have no hesitation in highly recommended the CYBEX car seat
    Now my baby granddaughters are almost 3 and 4 and are using their car seats without the bar. They look comfortable and the seats still protect them from any impact should it occur. This update includes the fact that we now have a further CYBEX car seat in black for their baby brother who is now 6 months old. In three months time he will be out of his rear facing Graco and in his new Cybex the same as his sisters. I can honestly say the car seats are money well spent.

  2. D. Virgo says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CYBEX Pallas-Fix, Toddler Car Seat Group 1/2/3, Pure Black – Black (Baby Product)

    Our daughter took a little getting used to this.
    I can say with experience that little arms and legs and a big tantrum makes it difficult to get your child secure.
    Our child is on the smallest size (height) for this item in my opinion however, she now tolerates it very well and tends to fall asleep soon after we set off.

    Compared to conventional 5 point harness (used in my wife’s car) this is actually easier to get your child in and out no matter how thick their clothing – and easy to get it whilst they’re asleep.

    I was initially cautious and felt like I took a risk, however I’ve no concerns any more and glad I bought it.

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