Dash Cam Hardwire kit, AUCEE Mini CM© USB Port, DC 12V – 36V to 5V/2A Max Car Charger Cable kit With Fuse, Low Voltage Protection for dash cameras – Reduced

Dash Cam Hardwire kit, AUCEE Mini CM© USB Port, DC 12V - 36V to 5V/2A Max Car Charger Cable kit With Fuse, Low Voltage Protection for dash cameras

AUCEE Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Mini CM© USB is a must-have accessory if you’re using a dash camera in your car or truck. The Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Mini CM© USB is compatible with most of their dash cam line to offer our customers another safe method of powering up their device.It connects the camera directly to the fuse box under the dashboard for continuous power from the vehicle’s battery. Your dash camera will always be powered, providing a watchful eye over your vehicle when you’ve left it unattended with the ignition turned off. For 24-hour surveillance, hardwiring can’t be beat.

Specification :
Connector: Mini CM© USB Connector
Input Voltage:12V-24V
Output Voltage:5V
Output Current:1.5A
Working Temperature:-40-85℃
ACC Signal for Parking Mode
Product Quality Authentication:CCC
Cable Length:11.5ft
Low Voltage Protection: When lower than 11.6 V or 23.5 V automatic cut off

Package Included:
1.Dash Cam Hardwire Kit – Mini CM© USB
2.Wireless Remote: No
3.Batteries Included: No
4.Batteries Required: No

Simple 2 steps installation:
1. Plug the mini-CM© USB end into dash cam.
2. For the other end connects with your 12/24v car electrical system, provide a seamless integration.

Warm tips:
– If you don’t have experience on installing the hardwire kits for the dash cam, please ask a professional for help.
– You may need a Blade Fuse Add-A-Circuit Fuse Holder for install to fuse box.
– This Hardwire kit for the Fuse Box is Low Profile Mini, Please check your car model before purchasing.
– If you have any problems , you could e-mail us directly by Amazon with order ID, we will reply in 24 hours, and we will always be here to solve your concern.


  • 24 Hours Surveillance: The vehicle hard-wire kit connect to car battery or fuse box power, can realize uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours. It can keep powered on even car turned off.
  • Low Voltage Protecting: With function of auto detect battery voltage and low voltage protecting, it can auto cut power output when it’s lower than 11.6V or 23.5V, compatible with large and small car, make sure the car can start normally.. [Adjustable voltage]
  • Output Voltage More Stable: The vehicle hard wire kit with built-in precise switching power supply module, it can transform 12V(24V) to 5V, output voltage is more stable. The dash camera hardwire kit conversion efficiency can up to 96%.
  • Safer protections: Short-circuit protection/overcurrent protection/overtemperature protection/reverse connection protection. It’s operating temperaturecan up to Industrial level(-40°–+85°). Even more, there’s static or less RF interference when you’re listening to the radio. You can enjoy your favourite station without losing the signal.
  • 12 Months Warranty&Excellent Customer Service: If there is any problems with the camera within 12 months, please feel free to contact us before your action, our customer service team will provide professional after-sale service to you. Be aware of Fake and Counterfeit products from NON-AUCEE Seller.

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Khan says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Dash Cam Hardwire kit, AUCEE Mini USB Port, DC 12V – 36V to 5V/2A Max Car Charger Cable kit With Fuse, Low Voltage Protection for dash cameras (Electronics)

    Like some of the other reviewers, I did not hook this kit up to my fuse box, but hardwired it by tapping into other existing wires. I ended up going into my overhead console because I could not safely route the wire down my A pillar (It has side curtain airbags that are attached and behind the A pillar, so be warned, people who go that way! Getting into the overhead console was significantly easier, as it was only held on with two screws and two metal clips. I’m no electrical engineer – in fact, the only thing I’d done prior to this was install some new speakers – but I found the process pretty simple. A multi-meter also makes this job significantly easier, as I could figure out which wires had enough power and during what stage of the car running that they had that power. I tapped the red wire into the power, and the black into ground, and before I knew it, the dash cam had power! After taping everything up copiously, I shoved the overhead console back into place, and all the messy wires are now hidden. If you have a dash cam, I can’t recommend hard wiring it enough, and this kit is a good way to do that, whether by going to the fuse box or by tapping into existing wires.

  2. avatar terry divers says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Dash Cam Hardwire kit, AUCEE Mini USB Port, DC 12V – 36V to 5V/2A Max Car Charger Cable kit With Fuse, Low Voltage Protection for dash cameras (Electronics)

    I have installed 4 aucee cameras using these aucee Hardwire kits.

    I like these kits mainly because they are the aucee brand and made specifically for their cameras. The quality of this product is good. Latest version as of Mar 2018 comes with a single 15A mini blade fuse already installed. This is not a splitter so wherever you plug it into, both the dash cam and original circuit will share the single fuse. Best to look for a 15A socket already in use as the current draw from the dash cam is negligible. In my case on my 2011 Prius my 12V power accessory socket uses a 15A amp fuse so that was a perfect choice since it only powers on when car is running. Ground wire also comes with a spade connector that should fit most chassis bolts. It literally took me 2 min to wire and 20 min to run the cable neatly from dash cam to fuse box. Absolutely no wire stripping/crimping/soldering needed.

    Note – you will likely not be able put your fuse box cover back on since this special fuse is taller than a normal one. Shouldn’t be a problem for most since the fuse box is generally not visible, but worth mentioning.

  3. avatar Josh Bond says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Dash Cam Hardwire kit, AUCEE Mini USB Port, DC 12V – 36V to 5V/2A Max Car Charger Cable kit With Fuse, Low Voltage Protection for dash cameras (Electronics)

    Wouldn’t power my dash camera and after fighting with it for about an hour, I finally figured out why. Hooked up a multimeter and saw 12v+ coming from both ground and vcc(power) pins on the mini-usb connector. So something was shorted out internally AND bypassing the step-down regulator (What’s supposed to convert it to 5v output). I’m just lucky it didn’t damage my camera.

    I was able to use an empty fuse slot and ran the cord behind the headliner and tucked it away behind the rubber seals on the driver side pillars. The cord is very long and I had a huge excess left so I just rolled it up and tucked it away by tying it down to the factory cords behind the driver side footwell. I can’t dock a star for that as it’s always better to have leftover cord than a short cord. Works great and haven’t ran into any problems during the week I had it on.

    If anybody purchases the aucee hardwire kit, I highly recommend to go with this hard wire kit.

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