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Denver GSP-110 UK SIM-Free Mobile Phone – Black – Mega Discount

Denver GSP-110 UK SIM-Free Mobile Phone - Black

The Denver GSP-110 big button mobile phone was designed to be extremely accessible with large buttons and easy to charge using the included docking station. Senior mobile phones are a popular choice for those who want simple, straight forward big button mobile phones that are easy to use and when eye sight is impaired.

Big Button Mobile & Easy Menu

Big button mobiles means the correct keys are easily pressed. Not only are the GSP-110 buttons big but they have a rubberised finish for excellent grip. Using your GSP-110 at night is made easy via the back lit buttons. Clear, simple on screen icons makes it an easy to use senior mobile phone too.

Dock Charger

To charge the phone either use the docking station which is mains powered, or connect the supplied CM© USB cable to your laptop. Having a charging dock makes the GSP-110 a great phone for seniors as there is no fiddly cable / socket to connect the phone to when charging.


The GSP-110 comes with a built in Bluetooth connectivity which means you can connect to your in car hands free kit or a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

SOS Mobile Phone

The GSP-110 is not only a big button phone but also has a discreet SOS emergency button on the back of the phone so that can always be one press away from help.

Talking Mobile Phone

When dialling the GSP-110 can read out the number pressed, if confirmation of the number being dialled is preferred. This feature can be switched off if unwanted, but incredibly useful if eye sight is impaired.

Built In Extras

While you get the expected built in items such as phone book, calculator, calendar, radio and alarm the GSP-110 gives you extra. There is a built in torch, easily activated by single button touch, and a slot for a micro SD card to either view photos or listen to an E-book or music.


  • SOS/quick call on the back of the unit
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in phonebook
  • Rechargeable battery: li-ion 3.7 V/600 mAh
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2 Responses

  1. Suman says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Denver GSP-110 UK SIM-Free Mobile Phone – Black (Electronics)

    I purchased this phone for my 84 year old dad who struggles with normal phones. He has been using the phone for last one month and I must say, it’s a great phone for the elderly with great usability features – large and lighted buttons, prompted dialling numbers, simple layout with two large buttons on each side to accept or reject calls, loud ringtone and call volume and finally, a screen with decent size and resolution. The red alert (SOS) button on the back of the phone is a great safety feature, in case of emergencies. The charging dock is a nice idea- it helps to secure the phone in a place (just like a fixed landline) and also ensures that it remains charged. As some of the reviewers rightly commented, the phone package (with a very basic operating manual) seriously lacks instructions on how to operate the phone effectively. Some of the instructions are just intuitive and not mentioned anywhere in the manual. As an example, the torch could be made on/off with a prolonged use of the menu button (I discovered that functionality as there’s a small torch icon there) but it will be quite cumbersome if you try through the menu (not mentioned in manual). Would recommend this item highly for older people but suggest that an initial setup done by someone.

  2. Russ says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Denver GSP-110 UK SIM-Free Mobile Phone – Black (Electronics)

    I ordered this for my Dad who is 76, he was having trouble with his old mobile as the buttons were too small. This is perfect for him.great product and easy to use

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