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Denver MC-5220 CD Player with UK Plug – Black – Bonus Price

Denver MC-5220 CD Player with UK Plug - Black

The Denver MC-5220 CD player stereo has all the classic features to match it’s smart appearance and cool blue back lit LCD display.

Audio Options
In addition to a front loading CD player you get AUX in for your smartphone or MP3 player plus the clear sound of FM radio.

Stand or Wall Mount
With the Pink MC-5220 you can use the supplied stand but you also have the option of removing the stand and wall mounting the system as it has two attachment points on the back.

Full Function Remote Control
With the MC-5220 you get a full function remote control. This is not only useful for your music but can be used in conjunction with the alarm clock to activate the snooze and sleep functions.

One of the cool blue back lit LCD screen functions is a clock which controls the built in alarm. You can choose to wake up to CD, radio or buzzer, the choice is yours. Don’t worry if you want a few more minutes of sleep just press the snooze button on the full function remote for another 9 minutes of peace. If you want to ensure the alarms works even when there is a power cut simply fit two AA batteries for back up.

CD Functions
The vertical CD player can be programmed for up to 20 tracks in any order you want. You can also choose random play or repeat to listen to your favourite tune over and over.

Input functions
Use the AUX input jack to connect your MP3 player or smartphone. The 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to listen to your tunes when and where you want.

FM Radio
Get the most out of FM radio by saving up to 20 stations to pre-set. Use either Auto or Manual tuning to find all available stations.

Technical Details
•Unit size: 328(w) x 188(h) x 72(d) mm.
•Power supply: 230v~50hz ac adaptor


  • Wall mountable music system with FM radio and CD player
  • Wake up to CD/Radio and buzzer
  • 20 track programmable CD player
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2 Responses

  1. La Mancha says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Denver MC-5220 CD Player with UK Plug – Black (Electronics)

    Although the product is good there are certain things which prevent 5 stars. There is a battery case on the rear of the unit and no mention of battery requirements in the documentation. The battery compartment is notab le by the absence of a contact spring for the second battery which mens that ‘AAA’ battery cannot be held and slop about!!

    I have tried ‘AA’ batteries and you cannot then close the compartment.

    Apart from these comments it’s a good looking unit, CD performance is good and when I get round to finally trying the radio this might also be good, assuming the lack of a battery does not make the whole purchase a flop.

  2. Mrs. F. Spicer says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Denver MC-5220 CD Player with UK Plug – Black (Electronics)

    I bought this to play relaxing CD’s in the bedroom and I just had to slot it onto the stand as speakers are attached, it’s just he job, compact and good lookming & very good sound for the size/price, I am very pleased with it. it was simple to set the clock and easy to replay a CD duirng the night if I need to.

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