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Epson shrinks its cartridge-free ink, but it’ll still last you two years


Epson’s refillable, eco-friendly print cartridges just got smaller, but the compact form of the ink EcoTanks still allows the company’s new all-in-one to ship with two years of ink in the box. On Tuesday, April 17, Epson announced the WorkForce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One, a printer designed for small businesses. The new WorkForce Pro has enough ink in the box to print up to 16,000 black-and-white pages and 11,00 color pages, which means businesses averaging 450 sheets a month may not have to buy ink for two years.

The printer uses a set of four ink packs, which Epson says is more affordable than the traditional cartridge. The printer packs start at £25. The printer isn’t the first to integrate Epson’s cartridge-free concept, but uses the smaller Replaceable Ink Pack System. Compared to ink and toner, Epson says, best-case scenario, the ink packs can save up to 80 percent over the cost of traditional ink cartridges and toner for a color laser printer.

Epson shrinks its cartridge-free ink, but it’ll still last you two yearsCompared to the earlier model, the ET-8700 is more compact, at about 40 percent of the size of the previous generation model. The printer still offers a 250-page capacity and an 80-page rear tray, with the option to buy a 500-page tray add-on. Epson says the new printer also delivers on speed, with prints speeds of up to 24 pages per minute, and scans also reaching that speed using the CM© USB interface.

Print settings and options are controlled from a 4.3-inch touchscreen. “With the new low-cost replacement ink packs integrated along the base of the ET-8700 printer, we’ve taken Epson’s traditional EcoTank design, and optimized it for high productivity,” Nils Madden, marketing director for consumer marketing at Epson America, said in a press release. “We’ve made it easier for business owners to enjoy the hassle-free two years of ink in the box with this new, easy-to-use design and ultra-fast print speeds, giving them more time to focus on what’s really important — managing their businesses.” The ET-8700 also offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and sells with a two-year limited warranty.

The WorkForce Pro ET-8700 printer will launch sometime this month with a list price of about £1,000.

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